I love the things that destroy me in the end

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Just some thoughts of mine..

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012



Life passes me by. I begin to not care about, well anything. I just sit and watch the world spin round in circles until I find myself drowning in my thoughts. Sometimes I get caught up..nothing else matters, except for that one thing. That thing could better me...or it could destroy me in the end but "I love the things that destroy me in the end".

Smoking? At the time, it's all you want; you're really stressed out or just upset...a smoke will calm you down..but one smoke turns into two smokes..two smokes turn into ten..before you know it, you're hooked. So in the end, what happens to your lungs? They stop working. Destroyed!

And sex? What an amazing thing to have with another person..so intimate and special. But what happens to your eggs? They fertilise. Destroyed!

And love? Wow, where to start,,love is when two hearts beat as one and together make something stronger then either of them could ever be on their own..but what happens to your heart? It breaks. Destroyed!

Destroyed and destroyed again. Life seems to have a pattern to it; victory then defeat, happiness then pain, adoration then hatred, life then death.. Does the pattern ever break? Is there anything more incredible out there, waiting to beam down on us and give us a new sense of hope? Maybe the incredible thing is death itsel; an easy way out, a pain reliever, an escape, permanent escape. We love to lose, we hurt to gain, we live to die.

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