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In this world, humans can use their shadows, Kage, as weapons. Not all people can use their Kage, but plenty of them can. There is an evil group, called League, that use their Kage to conquer the land. Our protagonist, Haku, fights against them with her Kage, Shinzu, and with her friends.

Submitted: February 22, 2013

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Submitted: February 22, 2013



Snow fell slowly from the sky in small clumps. Wet, sticky snow mush covered the pavement and created huge puddles. Kids let their boots get wet as they slid in the puddles, laughing as they and their friends slipped and fell. The sun had started to set and the sky became a slight orange. The clouds had a pink hue to them.

Covered with a scarf and heavy jacket, Haku walked down the road. Her hair, black with sliver strands in the front, covered her face every now and then as the wind blew. She watched her feet walk beneath her, feeling her shoes stick to the snow. A kid, wearing a bright orange jacket, slid past and fell after hitting a dry patch of pavement.

"Hey, you okay?" Haku asked, watching the kid stand back up.

"Yeah," she responded, "I'm fine." She wiped snow off her butt.

"What are you guys doing anyways?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, where are your parents? It's getting late and don't you all know what happens at night?"

The kids all stopped and got quiet. Haku stood awkwardly as they stared at her. The girl in orange pulled at her sleeve, making Haku bend down to hear.

"Our parents left us. We all woke up this morning and they were gone," she whispere, "this will be our first night by ourselves with...them."

Haku stared at the ground for a second before noticing the shadows. She lightly placed her hand on the girls shoulder and looked at the kids.

"We have to go." she said.

Haku led the kids to their homes, making sure they all kept their doors locked. She and the girl in orange walked to the girls house.

"Alright, now like I todl the others, keep your door locked. No matter what you hear, do not open it." Haku warned.

"Why? What are you going to do to be safe?" the girl asked.

"Don't worry about me," Haku turned to leave, "oh, what is your name?"

"It's Mimi (me-me)."

"I'm Haku. Remember, stay inside."

Haku walked back outside and made her way to the center of town. She started to take her scarf off as the sun sunk lower and watched her shadow grow in front of her. She let her scarf fly away in the wind as she stopped in a circle of increasing shadows. The sun finished sinking below the horizon, leaving the moon to illuminate the darkness. Haku took off her jacket, revealing a white dress shirt and gray shorts.

As she stood there, waiting, the moon seemed to freeze, making the shadows stop in their places. Though they stopped growing, they did not sit still. Haku smiled as a dark figure emerged from a set of shadows. Each set started to have more figures emerge from their depths, each one with bright, red eyes. They growled in unison, making Haku chuckle.

"Shinzu," she whispered.

Her shadow started to move by itself. A silhouette of a person emerged and stood a foot taller than Haku. Haku put her hand up and closed her eyes. Shinzu then started to change shape and then went into Haku's hand. An obsidian black sword, with a red jewel in the hilt, glistened in the moonlight.

With no warning, a shadow beast came at Haku from behind. With her eyes still closed, Haku stepped to the side and sliced the beast in half. She held Shinzi to her side, waiting for the next move. As if on cue, the rest of the beasts attacked. Haku swung at the first wave, getting each with one slice. Caught off gaurd, Haku defended herself from one swinging at her. Haku then opened her eyes. They were a deep, crimson red. She chuckled more, then, with a loud yell, she slice right through the beast. She rang through the next wave with ease.

Haku stopped in the center again. She satrted to pant, her eyes flicked back and forth, waiting.

"Alright, where's the pack leader?" she whispered to herself.

A gun shot filled the air. When haku turned around, a shadow beast shriveled away. On the rooftop of her house, Mimi sat crouched, with a sniper rifle that had a red lense. Mimi moved the rifle to load it, but smiled at Haku. Her eyes were red also, but were more of a light pink.

"What are you doing?!" Haku yelled.

"Well, since the pack is pretty big, the leader must be right? You can't handle him yourself." Mimi responded.

"How do you know that?"

"I watched the packs pass by at night."

A deep, menacing growl interrupted them. Haku turned around but was swatted away. Her back hit a building, knocking the breath out of her. She fell to the ground as a giant shadow beast rose up, towering over the buildings.

"Haku!" Mimi shouted. She shot at the giant a few times, then turned to run off as the it swung at her. She ran out of her house as the rifle changed into a mini machine gun. She started to shoot at the monster's legs, hoping to weaken them. She slid on the ground the rest of the way to Haku. "Haku! You have to get back up! Hurry!!" she screamed, grabbing Haku's arm.

Haku looked at Mimi, her eyes slightly red and slightly orange. Mimi started tearing up, until Haku chuckled a bit. She slowly stood up, using Shinzu for support, and holding him in front of her. The giant growled, watching her with anticipation. Haku just stood there, calmly, her eyes closed.

"Haku?" Mimi stared at Haku, growing worried.

At that moment, the atmosphere changed. There were strange vibrations emitting from Shinzu. A red aua surrounded him, the vibrations getting stronger as he started to grow. Haku slightly opened her eyes making Mimi gasp as her eyes were a bright, glowing red. She stood very still as Shinzu stopped growing and the aura faded into the red jewel.

Seeming impatient, the giant swung its hand down at Haku. Mimi screamed and jumped away as its hand crashed to the ground. There was a terrible shaking, causing some buildings to crumble, then silence. The shadow beast lifted its hand, but Haku was no where. Mimi looked around, tears running down her face. The beast growled and turned its attention on Mimi and got ready to swing at her. She closed her eyes when, suddenly, the beast let out a horrible, deafening cry. When Mimi looked, its hand had been cut off. Haku appeared on top of Mimi's house. Her eyes shone a bright red, Shinzu's jewel shone just as bright. The beast swung at her with its other hand, but, without so much as a warning, Haku had finished the battle. The beast let out one more cry before it faded away.

"H-Haku? You're okay?" Mimi asked, wiping her face.

"Yeah. He was tough, huh?" Haku responded as her eyes turned to their normal orange color. Shinzu sunk back into Haku's shadow, and Haku sat down next to Mimi. "Now, tell me about your Kage (kah-gay)."


"Your shadow." Haku poked Mimi's shadow, causing it to tremble and move away.

"Oh, her name is Meme (may-may). I don't know anything about her. I had no idea my shadow could be used like that until you came."

"Until I came?"

"Yeah, she talked to me, telling me everything was going to be alright, and if I wanted to help, all I had to do was say her name."

Haku chuckled. "Sounds about right. Almost like how I got Shinzu." She stood up and started walking, stopping to pick up her jacket. She looked at Mimi, who was still sitting. "You coming?"

"What?" Mimi just stared.

"Come on. We have to go."

Mimi got up, confused as she watched Haku keep walking, but ran after her and walked out of town with her.

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