Punishment for Forbidden Fruit

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This poem is a metaphor for something...my question is can anyone figure it out???

One step after the other

Down this dry dirt path

Tear drops moisten the ground

As a reaction of it's wrath

The sun turns it's back upon you

Then the skies turn dark and turbulent

Tear drops fall even faster

Remembering it's taste, so sweet, so innocent

Footsteps quicken beneath

As the thunder cracks and tears descend

The path turns black with mud

Pulse races, pleading for the end

Darkness falls fast

Thunder crashes again, terror grabs hold

Blind with tears, you loose your path

Giving up hope, your knees crumble and fold

Laying there, wet with tears

Black with mud, all hope is done

Letting nature take it's course

Waiting to one day see the sun

Submitted: August 27, 2009

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