The Ways in Which You Love Me

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The way you love me isn't always what I wish it was. The way you love me brings tears to my bloodshot eyes, and bruises to my skin. The way you love me is a slap followed by a kiss. A crack of bone chased by a soft embrace. A You bitch trailed by a tearful I'm sorry

The way you love me makes me want to curl up in a ball in a blanket inside a closet inside a room no one goes in inside a mansion no one knows about, but you. It makes me want to run away so no one can see me, as long as you will run beside me. 

It makes me cover my arms and my legs and my face with miles of cloth and pounds of cover-up to cover up what you do to me when your eyes flash. It makes me lie to every single person who talks to me, who inevitably asks how are you doing? It makes me scream at my mother and my friends and my teachers every time they say Hon, you've been so distant. Of course I've been distant! If you were close, you might see. You wouldn't understand that this is just how it is. You would try to fix me. You would try to take me away from him.


The way you love me isn't always what I wish it was. You see- even though I know you won't- it's the kisses after the punches, and the cuddling after the pain, and the apology after the sin. It's the fact that I love him, and he loves me. Just not how you think he should.

And, if I can be perfectly honest, it's reassuring to see that after I've bandaged my body and my heart so many times, I can still bleed.


Submitted: July 30, 2011

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