A Meditation on Dying

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Accepting death as a natural part of life

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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Submitted: January 09, 2012



Everyone dies.
I will one day lie in a wooden coffin or be cremated or scattered in the sea.
I suppose I won't care much then, because I will be nothing.
All that lasts will be the ricochets of my thoughts and actions.
And even those eventually fade.
Those fade for everyone, even the presdient of the united states, even our civilization
We're but just a small dot on the planet of large. Make that the planet of too big to even comprehend.
So then what?

I live as if I'm dying. Which I am.
I bring peace and comfort and joy to those that I can.
I follow my heart because that's like a flower that will bloom, never to bloom again.
I leap, I jump, I laugh, I grow and change.
I follow all the seasons of my emotions.
I spend my precious moments creating, from deep inside.
Things I find fulfilling and cool and awesome.
I spend less time and effort on "experiences". I spend less time and effort on "things". I even spend less time and effort on "people" - especially what they think and how they judge
Unless they aid in my inspiration.

Because in the end there is no "I".
There is only the world and reality and the universe - as it is. As it ever will be.
And even if I try to gobble all the "experiences" "wealth" and "joy" in the universe. That will only live inside me.
The best thing I can do for the world is to be true to myself.
Be true to the flower that grows from me.
Take part in the Nature that surrounds and my rightful place - to rise, to bloom and to die.

And accept this to be the amazing awesomeness that is Life.

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