A Study of Ego

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An examination of ego

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



Question your intentions. Study your ego. Actually egos are funny things. They were certainly almost designed to ensure survival. A vested self interest will ensure that we are not eaten by wolves, gain enough material goods, find a suitable partner that meet our enigmatic standards and produce further ego-bound beings. Desire ensures that we keep walking on this treadmill until we are dead as a dodo.

However, what no one tells you is how it binds the soul in gridirons of fear, spikes the soul with lust and desire and generally turns it into quite a nasty thoroughly unhappy creature. At later stages, ego will chain itself to the ground to make sure it’s unmoved by rain, wind or other natural disasters. This creature’s superpower is protecting itself. Protecting the soft, unformed center that lies within those gridirons and spikes.

Removing all these superpower spikes and studs generally leaves a pool of unformed blob. This blob will generally sit there until basking in the sun until it realizes that no one’s going to cart it anywhere so it’ll firm up, shape up and learn to move on its own. At first it will desperately seek a shell like a hermit crab, but finding none (and you must make sure it doesn’t find one), it will recognize its freedom. Whereas ego-ed blobs stay chained to one place, unarmed blobs are allowed to move as they please. Occasionally they will get spiked or injured by an ego-ed blob, having no protections, but will be able to heal itself and move on. That is the superpower of an unarmed blob.

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