Tidy Storms

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An examination of human connectedness

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



Hello and goodbye. Those two words mark the beginning and end of a human touch. Brackets that demarcate the nested subsets of a relationship. What happens within those brackets? An exchange of energy, ideas, gentle nudges to one direction or another, inspirations, beratings, condescensions.

Are we not then all just balls of energy and thoughts and plans and hidden shame bouncing off one another? Calibrating our thoughts, adjusting our feelings based on our “touches”? It is madness to then say change the way that you feel about yourself based on another ball of energy no greater, no less than you. Or to feel suddenly superior or negative or positive. It simply is. Let the “isness” of the world flow around you, but recognize that your own tidy storm of emotions, feelings, desires, needs.

Occasionally two or more balls show each other the trueness of their tidy storms and reveal their hidden shame. And in doing so, they recognize the galaxy of balls that they swim in – the sameness and the inherent differences.

To be petty, to move in fear, to let the fear element overtake the storm. Or to move in courage, to face the world, lest the two be mixed up. True courage comes from exposing thyself as thy is and taking a grand leap of faith that tattered, imperfect and torn with a dented sword is enough to craft a better world or simply to conquer a false idol.

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