A Sweet Evil

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is about a girl who wakes up in a mysterious world filled with talking teddy bears. She is quickly taken to the queen of the world, who happens to be human also. The queen tells her of a way back to her world, through the River, but to get there she has to risk dangerous journey through a road full of horrible villains. Our hero decides to take the risk, but as she was resting in the forest, she meets a strange person. Will she make it home?

I am drifting on a cloud of pink cotton candy, sparkly butterflies dancing just for me. The cloud cradles me lower, and lower, and then disappears in an explosion of pink elephants. The cloud drops me and I land on something soft.
I open my bleary eyes to see a brilliant blue sky surrounding three children's stuffed bears. One bubble-gum pink, one ice blue and third one sunshine yellow.
The blue one strokes my hair, which has spread out around me. "Hello, sleepy-head. We are the Lovies. We'll take care of you." Its voice reminded me of the one my father used while telling me a bedtime story, and it reassured me. My eyes drift shut and then I was back on my cloud of candy with my butterflies.

When I wake, I am in a padded Cinderella carriage, alone, a view of an emerald green field, and a castle rising in the background spread before me. I sit there, entranced, as the castle got closer. The closer we got, the more I noticed something weird about the castle. Then I got it. The walls were not made of stone, but of what looked like hardened lemonade. I gasp.
The carriage stops, and one of those stuffed animals opens my door. It is a different one. This one is a deep gold with shining silver patches. It sticks its hand out and I take it, stepping out of the carriage.
"My name is Fluffy-Wuffy Baby, and I am Her Softness's personal assistant." He says. "Follow me to your room so you can get some sleep in a real bed. Then we'll talk." I follow him into the castle, and I reel at what the inside looks like. I feel as if I stepped into a toy factory. Standing around the room were giant stuffed animals (ranging from fish to gorillas), play mats covering the Lego floor partially, and toy train chugging around the room.
FWB leads me up a long staircase of wriggling Jell-O. I somehow manage not to fall on my face and humiliate myself. The staircase ends in a kid's paradise hallway, and I pay very little attention to it. FWB leads of an ornate door. He pushes it open to show me a room made entirely out of candy. Peppermint floors and walls, lollipop bed-stands, a four-poster bed with caramel bedposts, airhead blankets with spun sugar sheets peeking out, and doughnut pillows. "Welcome to the Royal Room of Upset Stomach." FWB exclaims and I laugh.
As I walk over to the bed, I jokingly tell him, "You may need to get a new bed after I leave."
He nods curtly. "We renovate this room all the time actually. We get heat waves like no other every summer and the whole castle melts." I sit down on the bed, and instantly feel tired, both mentally and physically. "I'll go so you can get some sleep." He leaves the room and I pick up a pillow. Biting down on it, I find it is filled with jelly, just as I love. The pillow is gone quickly and I start on the spun sugar sheets. It was so delicate that it melts in my mouth. I finish a good portion of the sheets, only to find the bed is made of marshmallows. Giddy from the sugar, I soon fall into a food-induced coma, and start to dream.

In my dream, I am on a pile of candy, and I am trying to eat it all. I soon find chunks of marshmallow, airheads, doughnuts, and other teeth-rotting goodness. In the pile were hard sticks of caramel and I started gnawing on it, like a dog with a bone. I find a giant lollipop and lick until I get to the Tootsie Roll center. I finally eat so much that I explode, and candy begins to rain from the skies. They candy pelts me, startling me awake.

I awake to find the bed gone, the bedposts bearing bite marks, and streaks up and down the walls and floor, where I apparently crawled around the room with my tongue pressed flat against the floor. I giggle as my stomach protests the large amounts of sugar I ingested.
FWB walks into the room (having heard me awaken), then stops dead at the sight before him. He shakes his stuffing filled head in amazement. “I figured there would be some damage, but I didn’t expect it to be this major!” He sighs loudly, then smiles. “Oh, well. Follow me, please. The queen wishes to meet you.”
I follow him down the same hallway as before. I frown slightly. “How long was I asleep?”
“Only eight hours. Not the worse we have had, to tell the truth. Once a girl slept one hundred years, and was awakened when a young prince came and woke her up with a kiss. We were about to sign her off as completely comatose, and begin operating, when that prince showed up.”
I was trying to process the possibility of a Disney princess being real, when something in his explanation surprised me. “What do you mean operate?” I ask, startled, but FWB did not have time to answer because we entered a formal room, decorated by gumdrop trees and butterscotch statues. Stationed around the room were marshmallow Peeps wielding peppermint swords, and acting as guards. Sitting in a throne made of white chocolate, was a girl that resembled a Chinese doll more than a human. Curling around her delicate face was golden hair, styled in soft curls, and her skin so pale it looked as if it was made of ivory. With a startling realization, I figured out that the queen was a human girl no older than I was.
I followed FWB’s lead and bow at the waist, hoping I was not making a mistake by not curtseying.
The queen regards me with open disdain. “You are the first human I have seen since I came here to rule these people 300 years ago.” She says regally. From the tone of her voice, I would not be surprised to hear she had a corncob up her ass. “But then, that was a given seeing as I was exiled from my own people.”
“I’m sorry to hear that, you're Fluffiness.” I tell her, slightly baffled. The queen glares at me daintily, and God help me, if it were not for the peppermint sword-wielding Peep soldiers, I would have strangled her.
“I do not expect you to understand, and I don't need your condolences. What I need is to find a way fro you to get back to your world unharmed, as fast as I can." She stands up, her ivory dress billowing around her. "Follow me." She orders. FWB and I follow her into a posh lounge. The queen sits on the biggest crushed velvet chair, and gestures for us to sit on the smaller and less ornate chairs in front of hers.
I sit on the chair, half surprised that the chair was not made of red velvet cake. The queen begins talking again. "While I may despise contact with humans, I must not be impolite. Please, tell us who you are and why you are here."
I look at the girl blankly. "I didn't mean to come here. At least I do not think so. I can't really remember much from before I woke up to those stuffed animals finding me."
When FWB gives a strangled cough, I realize that term may be offensive. "I know you... humans... have low ideas on civility, but I would appreciate it if you wouldn't insult my people." The queen states, stiffly. Her cheeks flushed pink; she turns to look at FWB. "Any ideas for her to get home?"
He nods, hesitantly. "There is a river just south of here that is said to be able to transport people to their own world, but many do not attempt to use it, and decide to stay in this world, because of the dangerous criminals that hide out there. There has been a decline in attacks over the last month, but it may not be completely safe."
I look at him sharply. "I'm willing to do anything by now." And that fact is true, in a twisted way. Despite the castle being made of the best sweets and the best toys, I miss my family so bad it hurts.
FWB looks like he doubts that greatly, but was not going to fight it. "Alright. We will get supplies ready for you and you can leave tomorrow morning. It will be a two-day journey, on foot, but given the circumstances, we won't be able to get you a horse." I nod okay. "You can go rest now in a new room now. You'll need to be a peak condition for your journey."
"Alright," I say, "I will go to my room now. Good-night, Fluffy-Wuffy Baby." I glance at the queen. "Good-night, your Fluffiness." I follow a maid to my new room as the two erupt into whispers.

The next morning at dawn, I meet up with FWB at the gate. Standing next to him was a female, baby blue bear that looked around five years old. The little bear was holding a duffel bag that looked stuffed full. I smile at her, and a look of simplistic curiosity crosses her face. “What’s your name?” I ask, still smiling. The little bear was adorable in a made-with-love type of way.
“Alliebear...” She mumbles. She glances at FWB, smiling softly. “My dad named me that.”
FWB looks slightly embarrassed, but he got on to the task ahead. He took the duffel bag from Alliebear and holds it out to me. “In there in more than enough food for two days, a map, and a compass, kindling for a fire, other miscellaneous items, and instructions for what to do when you reach the river.” He reaches behind him and grabs a long, paper-wrapped package, then holds it out for me to take. “This is one of our finest peppermint swords to keep you safe from criminals that may disrupt your trip.”
“Th-Thank you.” I blinked quickly to keep tears from spilling over. “I don’t know what to say.”
FWB reaches out and grips my hand. “Don’t say anything. Just get home safe.” He got a distant look in his button eyes. “I remember what it’s like being thrust from your home, with nowhere to go but forward. That is how I ended up here. The queen found me, injured, and took care of me enough until I would be able to make trip to her infirmary safely.” He looks at me. “I want you to end up happy, like I have. It may be dangerous and hard now, but it’ll get better.” He hugs me, and I walk out the castle gate, calling good-bye and waving.
The first mile or so was not so bad. The roads were paved and an occasional traveler would pass by. But soon the roads grew rougher and the trees pressed closer. At noon, my stomach gave a loud growl, so I sit down on a rock and open up the bag I was given. I find a piece to hardened cake, which I devour. I stand up and continue on my way. The sun goes down sooner than I thought it would, so I sit down on the ground and begin unpacking. I take out the kindling I was given and start my fire. I had a small pillow and blanket on the bottom of the bag, and I eat one more piece of hardened cake and fall asleep.
Late in the night, there was a light rustling in the bushes. I was sleeping lightly and the sound was enough to wake me. I sit up and look around. Seeing nothing, I lie back down, still alert and I drift back into a restless sleep. Hours later, as the sun was rising, there was a loud sound above me and I open my eyes to see a shape flying toward me. I jump up ant get out of the way. The shape hits the ground and bits of stuffing fly thorough the air.
The creature sits up, it’s red button eyes glaring at me. It looks male, but that doesn’t matter. I put my hands on my hips. “And what do you think you’re doing?” I ask.
“Trying to steal your organs, what do you think I’d be doing?” He says, brushing dirt off himself. He looks up and sees a blank look on my face. “What? Do I have a branch sticking out of me or something?”
I shake my head no. “No... But yesterday I heard from someone that they were going to operate on someone, but I didn’t understand what he meant.”
He rolls his eyes. “For a new Lovie to be born, you have to use internal organs from a human or the child will just be a human’s definition of a stuffed animal. And as you can guess, we don’t get many offers to give us the organs we need, so we have to steal them. It’s a filthy business, but if you want children, you do what you have to do.” He glances behind me. “And it looks like my backup plan is here.” Something hard hits the back of my head and I fall forward, black spots dancing in front of me. A statuette of a raven lands on the ground, flapping it’s wings. It squawks at the bear angrily, no doubt mad at him.
A giggle rises in my throat, desperately trying to get out, but I pass out before it does.

I wake up in a cold, medical room, with a pounding at the back of my head. I try to sit up only to find my arms and legs strapped to a steel operating table. “Hello?” I call out. “Is anyone there? I would like to leave!”
There were hurried footsteps going in my direction. The bear from the clearing comes into my range of vision. “So our prisoner is awake, huh?” He says cheerfully. “Good. I know you had a choice and I thank you for choosing me as your evil scientist.” He laughs at his joke, then puts on a stern face. “I wanted to make sure you would wake up before I administered the anesthesia for your surgery.”
“So, no matter what I say, you’re not going to let me go, are you?” I ask, sarcastically.
“Exactly. Now, anything else before I drug you up and harvest your organs?”
“Two things. One, what happened to ‘Just Say No’? And second, what’s your name?”
He shakes his head, exasperated. “The power to ‘Just Say No’ was left back in your world where everyone is born with internal organs, where you don’t have to kill, steal, and blackmail to survive everyday.” He was worked up, but I saw him slowly calming down. “As for my name... I’m Wuggle-Puggle. I don’t see any danger in telling you that, because you won’t escape.” He looked at my cuffed fists and smiled, delighted.
But what he didn’t know is while WP was chattering away, I had been loosening the straps on my ankles. With a lurch, I got one foot out. Hoping WP didn’t notice while he was setting up an IV, I kicked off my shoe and sock to use my free foot to get the other ankle free. With both feet loose, I began working on getting a hand loose. The strap was barely within reach of my teeth, and I began gnawing on it. Strangely it was made of a taffy and caramel mix, and I quickly chew through the strap. WP was still messing around with his medical equipment, So I unlocked my last hand strap as he turns around.
WP gave a startled scream and three rich-kid bears come into the room, and notice me free at the same instant I jump up from the table. I quickly scan the room for an exit. I notice an unguarded door not far from me. I run at it, then burst through into an empty hallway. I charge down the hall, hearing the guards come out the door after me.
At the end of the hall, I pause to figure out what to do. I spot an open door that led to a dark room. I get to it and slip inside, trying to keep noises at a minimum. I hear the guards continue down the hall I had been going down. After the sound passed, I decided to turn the light on to see the room. I find the switch and flick it on, illuminating something that made me catch my breath. Laying around the room, on tables similar to the one I had been on, were dead humans. Pale blue-white, sheets covering stiff forms, both male and female. In my shock, I missed a sickly bear standing in the corner.
I jump as the little bear, a girl, talks. "It's sad, isn't it, what my species must do to survive?" She speaks solemnly, a guilt that seems so deep edging her words. She walks over to a pretty, black-haired woman, and touched her hair. "This is the woman I come from. My so-called 'mother'. I had lived my whole life as an Undefined until a few days ago, when they caught this one. I heard she was going to the River of Forbidden Dreams, so she could go home, when she was caught. I just wonder, how many are mourning her back in her world? How many will never know what really happened to her?" She glances up, and I notice tears in her pink button eyes. "I was named Bunny-Boo, so you know."
"Bunny-Boo... I'm sorry for your pain, but I must ask, is there a way out of here? Anywhere I can get out and get to the River safely?" She nods.
"There's a doorway close to the room you were in. I saw you come in." She laughs bitterly, her frail and damaged body shaking from grief. "Another human whose life would be ripped away from her. I'll lead you to the door, human." Bunny-Boo says, looking up at me. She stops petting the dead woman's hair and starts for the door, motioning for me to follow her. "This way."
I follow after her, going down the hallway I had just run from not long ago. I was soon standing in front of a plain wooden door. "This door opens up to the bank of the River. Just go to the bank, lay down and go to sleep. You'll be back home when you wake up." Bunny-Boo grips my arm. "Good luck."
I look at her. "Bunny-Boo... I wish there was some way I could stop what's going on, but I can't. I'm not a heroine in a story." I feel sad telling her this. But there was truth in my words.
She smiles softly. "I don't expect you to. Just get back home. That'll be good enough for me." She looks so sad, that, acting on impulse, reach out and hug her frail body. "Good-bye, human."
"Good-bye." I whisper, pushing open the door and stepping outside. Bunny-Boo was right. A few feet in front of the door was a flowing river, the color of water milk, with curling mist rising from it.
I walk to it slowly, memories from the last few days flashing through my brain. Fluffy-Wuffy Baby and Alliebear's kindness. The Queen's fierce love of her people. Bunny-Boo's sadness over the loss of someone she didn't know. But mostly Wuggle-Puggle's willingness to kill me without a single thought for the hope that one more Lovie family could have a child. I lay down on the bank, staring at the soft blue sky above me. I close my eyes and feel myself falling asleep. The last thing I remember was a shadow appearing in the swirling mist, blocking the sun from my view. I drift into a dreamless sleep, with a feeling of something clinging to me.

I open my eyes to a stark room. At first I thought I was back in WP's operating room, but sitting next to me, startled with tears filling their eyes, where my parents. "Mom? Dad?" I croak. Jumping from her chair, my mother hurls herself at me, giving me the fiercest hug ever, as if I might leave if she didn't. Looking at him, I notice tears of relief streaming down my father's face. Then I close my eyes to bask in my parent's love.
A few hours later my parents left to go home, rest, and get the word out of me waking up from my coma. I was drifting back and forth between sleep when I heard a pitter-patter of feet on my floor. Glancing down, I notice a figure that I had thought to be still in the Lovies's world. "No. No." I mumble, numb.
Standing next to me was Wuggle-Puggle, who was glaring at me fiercely. "No one gets away from me. No one. I'm taking you now, and this time you won't get the slightest chance to get free." A dizziness consumes me and I black out and...
I'm drifting on a cloud of pink cotton candy, sparkly butterflies dancing just for me. The cloud cradles me lower, and lower, then disappears in an explosion of pink elephants.

Submitted: October 06, 2012

© Copyright 2021 queenzig4578. All rights reserved.

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