It was beautiful...

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started out as a short memoir that turned into a poem

Submitted: August 07, 2015

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Submitted: August 07, 2015



Do you remember that day?

We were walking up to my mother’s abandoned house from the grocery store,

We had run away to be on our own, because the world didn't want us together,

But we didn't care we were going to be together.

Even if it meant sleeping in the garage of a abandoned home.

We wanted to be together and we were willing to be in any kind of situation,

it didn't even faze us, or feel like a hardship.

We had a few bucks, a $20 and that would last us the whole week.

We had just got done buying baloney, cheese, and bread, some chips and juice and that was all we needed.

I remember us talking as we walked up to the house, about how everyone makes life seem so hard but how it really wasn't, how we could do this for the rest of our lives, just chill, held up in a fort we made eating baloney sandwiches and using an extension cord to get power from the Neighbors, playing video games and making love.

Man that was the life and it was so easy.

I think about that day a lot and that feeling, about how easy it was,

About how we thought we had everything figured out.

That was back then, we were each other’s first loves, and we fell in love so young

Way before either one of us ever experience disappointments in love.

It was beautiful...

And we were so open and ready for anything,

Everything was new

And we were experiencing everything for the first time together.

Not many people get to have loved like that,

With that kind of rawness and innocence

A kind of love without any prior influences

I think about that time a lot

It can never be duplicated

We will never love like that again

But you know...

I'm okay with that now,

Yeah we didn't make to the real world together.

Because are love wasn't made for the real world;

The grown up world, where there are so many complications

Where it's not that simple or that easy.

You know,

I think we were soul mates.

We met back then, for a reason,

To teach each other about the essence of love and the meaning of life,

the simplicity of it.

The ironic part is even though we taught each other about love,

We were also the ones to teach each other about the disappointments of love.

We were meant to teach each other these things.

And at the end of the day, I am happy to have learned it with you then with or from anybody else.

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