Understanding Utter Confusion

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This poem talks about how love leaves affects certain people. Some take being alone without a mate or close friend to be there very hard and this is what this poem is all about.

Submitted: October 06, 2006

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Submitted: October 06, 2006



Smiles are no longer present Only tears and a shattered heart. Each day is another struggle to make it through.... To make it through the hurt To make it through the pain.

You wear that heart you have on you sleeve. For everyone to take a piece of. To take a part of that already receptive heart That ends up being you downfall... Your issue.

Everyone wants to put their 5 cents in to justify But only you one know what and how you are feeling. Only you one know the disaster that wakes you every morning, With your chest tighter than ever and eyes swollen shut; And only you one know the tears and heart ache that puts you to bed every night, Tossing and turning, praying that it will all be over soon.

"Lay everything at my feet" He says "And I will take it from there." He says But every time you lay them down, You pick them right back up. Pick them up not to burden him with simple problems. Simple problems of the your heart and soul.

Confusion of the heart is what is going on. Confusion of the past, the present and even the you unseen future. You are unhappy but that dainty smile and overwhelming sarcasm covers it all. Covers up what you rather keep deep within Away from friends, who you trust... Away from family, who means the world to you... Away from most of all, the person that you trust the most........you.

Understanding your confusion Is like walking into the unknown. You have an idea what may be out there But not sure what all you will encounter on that journey. Another step forward is another part of you That feels more lost and confused than the moment before.

Smiles no longer present Only tears and a shattered heart remain, Trying to understand your utter confusion and that utter pain.

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