The Epic of Maryanne the Gentle

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The great kingdom of Grand dale is going to hang in the balance between to heirs to the thrown, own wanting peace, the other wanting power.

Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011



The knight of Granddale was tall and strong and powerful. He kept peace in his town for many a year. There was song and dance and happiness in those parts simply because of his strong leadership. He too was merry but had no sons to take his place when he was past. He had three daughters though; Maryanne the eldest was tall and fair, pretty and gentle as a daisy. His second daughter was named Venus and she was amazingly beautiful and very firm in action and thought. The last was named Jasmine and was more innocent looking than any other thing that may come to mind, but inside she was angry and ambitious, she was angry at her father for not using all of the recourses he had to make the land thrive. She wanted power and eventually found a way to get it. She planned to hire a man to kill Venus and to take both her and Maryanne captive and demand ransom. She thought it was fool-proof, because if she were to kill both sisters it would be to obvious if only she survived and she would also make a profit. Late at night young Jasmine found the perfect man for the job, her father’s servant who was supposedly loyal to the Knight but was much more loyal to gold than anything else. Jasmine supplied the gold and then the rest came fast.

The next morning The Knight of Granddale awoke to find one of his daughters killed in her bed and the other two taken captive by someone who took the name of The Rat. The Rat of course was the servant who had betrayed the Knight and he was demanding 5,000 gold pieces for each captured Princess. The Knight was horrified of course as you would imagine him to be. He immediately went to his safe where his gold was kept and pulled out a reasonably sized chest which contained 5,000 and then when he demanded The Rat come forward and make the exchange his servant came forward in a long black cloak with a tall hood and gave him his daughters in exchange for the Gold, Jasmine’s plan had worked to perfection.

Or at least that’s what she thought. When the transaction was done the knight threw down The Rat’s hood and saw his servant, the then knight went into a rage, but just as he was about to kill his servant he revealed the truth about who made the plan to get the money, when he turned to face his daughter she was gone and he saw one of his guards dead, he knew that she had ran for it. Over the years the knight of Granddale aged and died a peaceful man then they enter the reign of Maryanne the Gentle, and the land entered an era of long-lasting peace and was at the moment, content.

The contentedness lasted for four years until on the fifth year of her rule Maryanne saw a shadow that spread over her kingdom, the giants had come. The troops of the noble kingdom all they could and it seemed the giants were being forced back but then came the warning cry from Maryanne at the center of the army warned them that they were to too far out and were vulnerable for ambush, and that is just what the enemy did, ambush them. They were caught between the hammer of the ambushing cavalry units and the anvil of the giants; they had nothing to do but surrender. So that’s what they were forced to do. Then the enemy commander stepped forward and looked all too familiar, Jasmine.

Jasmine had all of the troops and able men be rounded up for slavery the ill, weak, and old were all killed, as well as the young children that could not work.  Anyone who rebelled was killed, no exceptions. One of these rebellions was successful. It was lead by no other than Maryanne the Gentle herself. She was powerful in mind and quick on her feet, lightly run on roof-tops and jumping over walls. She had armed herself with a long thin sword, and was all too ready to use it. She would free people at all costs.

She went to the heart of Jasmine’s operation, the slave yard. It was huge and overcrowded making it easy to blend in. She went along quietly slashing then chains from people wrists, until she spotted her true target, her sister Jasmine. She then made it clear she was there by challenging her sister to single combat to the death, winner take the kingdom.

Jasmine knew that Maryanne was not a fighter, but a gentle spirit always looking for another way than to kill someone, but Maryanne knew her people came first, and that her own feelings mattered not. So they both readied up for the fight of their lives, Maryanne with wither simple, elegant, steel sword, and leather armor. Facing off against jasmine with her large axe and huge, black, full plate armor. Jasmine advanced slowly, restricted by her armor while Maryanne stood steady waiting for the perfect time to strike. Jasmine whirled her axe and started chopping at every part of Maryanne at one time. Maryanne bent and weaved like a willow branch in the wind making small scratches on Jasmine’s armor.

Jasmine laughed tauntingly, daring Maryanne to fully engage her, but Maryanne was smarter than that, and she had a strategy that was already in effect and about to be put to use. Maryanne had made many scratches on the part of the armor covering the stomach and it now was weak and jasmine only realized that when she felt the cold sensation of steel running through her stomach. She fell dead and marked Maryanne’s greatest achievement ever slaying her demon of a sister and retaking her kingdom and Granddale, giving it yet another era of long lasting peace.

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