The Great Theif

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This is a poem about a daring theif going in for his hardest job yet.

Submitted: July 09, 2011

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Submitted: July 09, 2011



While the moon shone on a summer night, a fox slipped through the trees.

The greatest there ever was, he could could steal from bears to bees.

The only thing he could not steal, was the great king's crown.

He tried and he failed, he could not come around.


Tonight he said, will be the night.

I'll steal it from his fort, then I'll go out to my ship in the golden port.

I'll sail to another land, and sell it for a thousand grand.

yes my friend, tonight will be the night.

So he went up to the giant fort, but the king expected him.

Tenthousand soilders sorrowned him, and forced him to give in.

The theif tried to run ,but he was somehow caught.

Eternity in jail, was the only thing he got.

So it came to be, that the greatest theif there ever was...

...was put to an end.

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