dark hours the stone of light part:1

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ok i finally got it ready so here it is im proably still working but untill then read what ive done

Submitted: October 06, 2012

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Submitted: October 06, 2012



part:1On a bright sunny day two men who were sent on a quest to get the secret orb of light but what they didnt know was that very place was gaurded my a dark assasian.named the SHENKRECK! He was the one who had been gaurding the tempale for hundreds of years but he had its power abbused he used his powers for bad instead of good.as the boy sendre had been searching come on help me with this i cant be the only one working here as he stared at his friend andre angrily.hey man i already did some of it now its your tu-HEY I THINK I GOT SOMETHING interupting andre in his sentence.wha you actually got something what is it its some kind of map huh?what said andre starring at sendre confused.what!!! said andre starring at the exact same thing sendre was what is that? said sendre.I see a cave lets check it out said andre.umm my question?I have no clue but lets go.well fine said andre.wow its really dark in here.not for long said andre as he grabbed a torch off the wall now this is exciting.

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