Chain Link Fiasco!

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High school girl gets caught on a chain link fence!

Submitted: April 24, 2007

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Submitted: April 24, 2007



When I was a freshman in high school, my boyfriend and I had a special place to go to "make out". We enjoyed spending an hour or two at a time there. It provided us with privacy, away from the everyday worries of homework and tests.

The only catch was that in order to get to our hideout, we had to climb over a chain link fence.

One day, we were coming back from our hiding place. My boyfriend climbed over the fence as usual and jumped down to safety on the other side. He motioned me to join him.

Well, I’d done this a thousand times! There shouldn’t have been any problem. There were little barbs at the top of the chain link fence that I normally sailed right over. As I made my way down the other side of the fence, one of those little barbs caught a beltloop on my blue jeans! I HUNG there, suspended seven feet in the air!

"I’m stuck!" I yelled to my boyfriend.

I couldn’t believe it. I waved my legs and arms in a vain attempt to get free. No luck! I hung there like a piece of meat on a hook. The more I moved, the more I realized that I could be hanging up here for HOURS. Despite the obvious trouble I was in, I started laughing hysterically. So did my boyfriend. I was literally immobilized with laughter, which was okay because in THAT condition, I wasn’t going anywhere ANYWAY.

"Let me go call the police," my boyfriend teased. "They can help you down."

"No!" I pleaded between outbreaks of laughter. I pictured the cops taking me down and then calling my parents to explain what we had been doing on the other side of the fence.

It was a good ten minutes or so before I regained my composure. Thank goodness that there wasn’t any traffic on the road that day!

"Wait!" my boyfriend suggested. "Try to lift yourself up somehow. Maybe your beltloop can come uncaught."

I tried it. It took everything I had to point my tennis shoe downward into one of the diamonds in the fence and lift myself up. Thankfully, though, it WORKED. The beltloop was free, and so was I!

I climbed over the chain link fence to hug my boyfriend. I turned around so that he could assess the damage.

The final climb down the other side had ripped the seat of my blue jeans APART. There was now a nice big hole in the back of my pants, and my boyfriend STILL had to walk me home!

Luckily, he had carried my sweater over the fence with him. I simply wrapped it around myself, tying the arms together like a belt.

We walked back to my house, still laughing about how silly I looked hanging there with my arms waving around. Well, this time of the evening, the house would be quiet anyway, and I could just slip into the bathroom without being seen by anyone.

Imagine how I felt when I saw a strange car in the driveway! We had COMPANY! They were probably sitting in the living room right now, and I was going to walk in there with RIPPED PANTS!

My heart pumping wildly in my chest, I turned the doorknob. My boyfriend and I stepped quietly onto the ramp in front of the living room. There were three or four people in there that I didn’t know, and my mom introduced me to all of them. I was careful not to turn my back on them. I was polite, but I didn’t stand there and make conversation. Instead, I turned to my boyfriend and mentioned that I had to go to the bathroom. With my back still facing the front door, I padded off down the hallway.

The blue jeans were a total loss. I pulled them off and threw them into the trash can. Then I realized that if my mom took out the garbage later and happened to see the ripped jeans, she would DEFINITELY have questions that I wouldn’t know how to answer.

Instead, I balled up the jeans and hid them behind some stuff under the sink. I’d have to deal with them later. I made it to my bedroom, where I quickly changed into another pair of blue jeans. When I rejoined my boyfriend in the living room, I squeezed his hand. It was just a little signal to let him know that everything way okay.

As long as we were together, we still used our special hideout, but I was A LOT more careful after that when I jumped the chain link fence!

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