Of Mice and Meows

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Cat sets mouse free in kitchen.

Submitted: April 03, 2007

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Submitted: April 03, 2007



My husband Tom, my two daughters, and I live in an old house trailer in Vaiden, Mississippi.

My eleven-year-old daughter, Ariana, has a black female cat named Jade. Like most cats, Jade is fond of catching live prey. She has successfully caught birds, cute little mice, big ugly rats, and even a rabbit! Jade can hunt and kill almost anything that is smaller than she is. She’s a lean, mean, hunting machine!

When she catches a small animal, Jade carries it in her mouth and comes into the trailer to show Ariana.

One night, Ariana was in the kitchen keeping me company as I made dinner. Jade padded quietly into the room with a fuzzy gray trophie in her mouth. She was proud of her catch and wanted our undivided attention. Jade is talented, but she is NOT a ventriloquist. She can’t meow with something in her mouth, so to get our attention, she gently placed the mouse on the floor and meowed. The only problem was that she had forgotten to KILL the rodent FIRST!

"Mommy! Mommy! Look what I caught outside!" she meowed to Ariana as the mouse sped across the floor between my daughter’s legs.

Ariana hollered, "Aaagh!", and hopped up backwards onto the washing machine.

"Kill it, Jade!" we yelled in unison as the mouse scurried like a wind-up toy all over the kitchen. I avoided the little beast like the plague, jumping backward whenever he came near me.

Jade happily batted the mouse with her little black paw.

"But, Mommy!" she meowed to Ariana. "Don’t you like my new toy?"

Ariana did not like Jade’s new toy. She stared wordlessly at the rodent from her lookout point atop the washing machine.

Jade, however, was insistent that she had accomplished something absolutely brilliant by carrying this mouse into the trailer. She picked up the rodent in her mouth and carefully held her two front paws up against the front of the washing machine. Now Ariana could have a good, long look at her prize!

"Look, Mommy! I caught him just for you!" she said with her huge, green eyes.

Ariana wanted nothing to do with the rodent. She wordlessly brought her legs up to her chest and hugged her knees, never taking her eyes off the mouse.

Finally, Jade could stand no more of Ariana’s indifference. She held the mouse gently in her teeth and jumped up onto the dryer, which was directly next to the washing machine where Ariana was sitting. As Jade approached her Mommy with the furry little trophie still sitting quietly in her mouth, Ariana put her legs back down and pushed them against the front of the washer, propelling her backwards.

She DID manage a hasty retreat: butt first, right into the open washing machine!

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