Roller Disco Dummy

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Bruised knees lead to lifechanging romance.

Submitted: April 24, 2007

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Submitted: April 24, 2007



The high school freshman class was crowded that day. I was taking "swimming" for P.E. I enjoyed the class. It was probably the only "P.E." class that I had ever really enjoyed.

I had been watching one of my classmates, a boy named Troy. I thought he was really cute, and he looked GOOD in his swimming trunks! I had felt him watching me, too, and some of the other students had told me that Troy had a crush on me. I was hoping that he would ask me out eventually.

I saw him eyeing me from across the pool.

"Oh, my gosh!" I thought. "He’s coming over here!"

Troy approached me slowly, deliberately. The sunlight gleamed off his fit, suntan-oiled body. I was suddenly very shy, but the class wasn’t scheduled to begin for another two or three minutes, so there was no hope of the teacher interrupting us.

"Hey!" he smiled as he came over to me.

"Hi, Troy!" I said.

"Look, my mom offered to drive you and me over to the skating rink Thursday night. Wanna go?"

"Sure! I’ll give you my phone number after class, okay?"

Oh, my GOSH! He had finally asked me OUT! I was extra light in the water that day. The sun was extra warm, and everything seemed to be covered with a subtle shade of pink. I was in LOVE!

Troy called me at home that night to make arrangements for my mom to drop me off at his house. I couldn’t believe it! My FIRST DATE! I was so excited about Troy asking me out that it had never occurred to me to tell that I didn’t know how to skate.

He was SO sweet at the skating rink. He bought us both come pizza and sodas, and then some ice cream. We chatted as disco music played over the speakers surrounding the rink. I LOVED disco.

The other skaters out there on the floor made skating look so EASY. I had forgotten in my excitement to remember that I had no sense of balance whatsoever. Risking TOTAL embarrassment, I finally told Troy that I had never been good at skating. He said not to worry. He’d help me get the hang of it.

When we got out onto the rink, Troy skated easily and confidently in front of me. He looked SO cute out there! He kept coming back to me to give me some pointers about how to brake, how to move my feet, and how to keep my balance. He was a great teacher!

I was not a great student, however, and kept falling forward on my knees. Again and again, my knees hit the shiny hardwood floor of the roller rink. Troy helped me up every time! For awhile, I stayed near the rails on the outer edges of the rink. Eventually, I did get the hang of it and ventured further out, near the middle.

I was too much in love to think about the pain in my knees, but the damage became evident the next morning when I climbed out of bed. My knees were black and blue! They looked like an overripe banana, and I had to wear SHORTS that day during P.E.!

All day long, I dreaded going to P.E. and showing my blackened knees, but the time inevitably came to go to the locker room and get ready for that day’s class, which would be yoga.

Troy looked like a Greek god in his shorts and shirt, but I was MORTIFIED when I had to walk onto the gym stage with bruises all over my knees. They had had time that day to turn VERY DARK. The other students asked how I had gotten all bruised up. There was no sense in lying about it. I told them that Troy had taken me skating the night before and that I couldn’t keep my balance very well.

I was relieved to discover that MANY of the kids couldn’t skate, either, and they all began to encourage my relationship with Troy, who ended up as one of the greatest loves of my life.

You know, people these days spend big money on dating services. It’s costly and unnecessary. All we REALLY need to do is bring back ROLLER DISCO!



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