Soggy Diaper Saves the Day!

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Recycled diaper puts out fire!

Submitted: March 27, 2007

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Submitted: March 27, 2007



Financially speaking, life in California was easier than life in Mississippi, but when my daughter Ariana turned two, the easy pace of the Delta beckoned again, and my husband Tom and I were powerless to resist its pull. We headed back home.

We drove back to Mississippi in a red Dodge van. It was old and didn’t run well, but it was all we had. With our household possessions loaded down on the trailer behind us, we started out. At first the trip was uneventful. Then we drove into Amarillo, Texas.

We made good time in Amarillo, but with night coming on, we had a decision to make. Should we keep driving, or stop at a motel for the night? We tried to get back onto the freeway to keep going.

Ominous black clouds loomed above. The warm air crackled with the expectation of an approaching thunderstorm. It was tornado weather. As the first heavy drops pelted the windshield, we had second thoughts and turned around, hoping to find a motel. Unfamiliar with Amarillo, however, we had to find one by trial and error. By the time we found a promising looking motel, liquid bullets were pummelling the windshield. Lightning split the black, starless sky. We pulled into the motel parking lot, thinking erroneously that we had finally reached safety.

An explosion ripped through the van! The engine was covered by a hard plastic case called a "doghouse". Flames shot out from around the doghouse as Tom struggled to pull it off.

I dashed over the front seat. Ariana was sleeping soundly in the back of the van on an air matttress. There was no time to wake my baby gently. I grabbed her roughly and sprinted over the seats like a seasoned Olympic hurdler. Smoke filled the inside of the cab. I had to get out in a hurry before Ariana choked from smoke inhalation! I opened the door and made a mad dash for the motel office. I was certain that the van was about to explode!

I watched Tom from the safety of the motel office. He had pulled the doghouse off the engine, but wasn’t breathing very well through the thick smoke that curled out of the small gaps at the tops of the windows. The carbeurator was on fire! I had changed Ariana about an hour earlier. Her wet Pampers diaper was in a bag on the floor of the passenger side. Tom grabbed the wet diaper and stuffed it down the blazing carbeurator, suffocating the fire! What a relief! The smoke began to clear from the cab.

Tom and I checked into an upstairs room and immediately called his brother Bill in California. Bill is brilliant on many levels. He has even been known to give accurate driving directions to people over the phone WHILE TALKING IN HIS SLEEP! Tom described what had happened to the van. Bill theorized that a fuel line had collapsed. Upon investigating the engine, he was proven to be absolutely right!

A day or two later, we were able to continue our journey home to Mississippi.

If you’re anxious for your baby to graduate from diapers to the porcelain throne, don’t be in too much of a hurry. One day, a dipaer could save YOUR life, too!

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