Woman Precarious

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

No job, no child support, money seeping slowly out of a leaky bank account turns into a hemorrhage of alarming proportions.

Woman, Precarious

It's made of aluminum cans,

Broken mirrors,

Schemes adrift, beset by fears,

Old love letters, broken dreams stacked



Ten feet high

Or is it more


to the


Books shards legless table broken fingernail junk drawer keys burnt match dried paints yellowed paper dead saintswine bottles carpet stains folding chairs two by fours

Cat food scattered on the floor

There's a broken closet door

Twelve feet plus

Now fifteen

Rotted detritus obscene piled and piled and piled some more

'Til it towers off the floor

Where is she, I, we, and us?

How did this junk pile bury us?

Under landfill fodder, rotting?

Struggling smothering rib cracked buried lied to whimpering whining married separated divorced scared harried

I don't see me I can't find me

Dig faster! Dig more! must be down there near the floor! No one could withstand the weight!

Unless mine is a different fate

Unless every bit of trash

Unless each time I burn to ash

I climb up

One then step


A bloody hand, a broken rib

The climb all light and pain and fear

The balancing, muscle-rending tears,

Aching, sweating, sun-receiving

Until against its glowing face



Zenith balanced

Finally freed

Atop the pile of all detritus

Finally found,

Woman Precarious.

Submitted: May 07, 2009

© Copyright 2022 quicksilver1953. All rights reserved.

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