Harold has writers block. He needs to finish this story. The damn cat wont stop pissing on his work. What will he do?

All great writers get writers block. That is the natural course of life for all, young and old. Writers block can be frustrating, infuriating and down right annoying. On the exact day, young Harold Cummings was trying to finish his book. It was a nice fantasy story about dragons and pixies living together. He couldn’t figure out a way to end it. It was even more frustrating because his girlfriend's cat continuously pissed on his work. Harold had written chapter 4 at least eight times. Well, he finally got a vague idea for the last chapter. About halfway through it he left go get some donuts for him and his girl. He came back to an atrocious odor coming from his bedroom. He came in and all his drafts were coated in piss. He put his food on the table and looked at the cat. He couldn’t take it anymore. Harold grabbed a knife from the kitchen and started the cat in the eye.

“This will teach you, you little bastard”.

And with these words, he hacked and slashed the cats life away. He was so involved in this murder that he didn’t hear the front door open. He turned around with his bloody knife in hand to see his girlfriend, tears in her eyes, looking right into his.

“Babe…” he tried to say but was immediately interrupted.

“What the hell are you doing? Why the hell are you doing this? Get away! Get away right now!”

He tried to calm her down but she wouldn’t. He got closer but she no longer felt safe. She tried running out the door but he was much faster. He grabbed her by the arm and stabbed her in the side so she couldn’t move. Unfortunately for the both of them, he knew she had to be killed if he wanted to reputation to stay clean. He threw her back into the room and cut right through her stomach. Blood running out of her body like niagara falls on a rainy day. He took some power tools and cut her up into tiny bite size pieces.

This was perfect for Harold. After completely obliterating his girlfriend, he finally knew how to end his story! And now, there won't be any damn cat getting in the way. He Wrote out the ending and could finally go to sleep. Later on the night there was a strange odor in his room. He woke up and looked at his desk. He saw what he didn’t think was imaginable. There was cat piss on his entire story. Harold thought this was just a dream. He turned his head back and there he was. The cat he thought he had murdered. He passed out. Harold didn’t wake up that morning. The cat had smothered him to death in his sleep. Not only will the public not know how the two people were killed in that house, no one will know how Harolds story will end.

Submitted: March 24, 2014

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I never thought a murder story could actually be amusing-- does that make me sadistic? ;S It was short and to the point, but I found his outrageous reaction to the cat piss pretty funny, and the fact the car got revenge ended it well, though 'd love to know how he planned on ending his story. Really good job with this! Definitely entertaining :)

Sat, March 29th, 2014 11:41pm

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