Isabels Best Study Session.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Isabel hasn't been doing good on her tests, so she asks her good friend Kim for help. But what she doesn't know, is that Kim expects a little reward.


Isabel has been doing very poorly in Mr. O'donoghue's class. She received a D- on her last test which brought her grade down significantly. Lucky for her O’donoghue allows you to do a makeup test! She decided it would be a good idea to call her friend Kimberly over to help her study! Kim is a senior so she must know at least the basics of this material! Kim gladly accepted the offer and came over almost immediately.

“Hey Kimmy!” Isabel said in such an excited burst of words.
“Hey dog, what’s up? You said you needed help.” Kim responded, wondering if it was real help she needed, or if it was the fantasy Kim had in her head for quite some time now.

“I need help in math!” Isabel exclaimed.

“Oh. Alright yeah, I guess” Kim said very disappointed.

“Thank you so much! It means a lot”

The girls went into Isabel's room and started working on the assignment that was given. they studied for a whole 3 hours! It was now 7:30pm and Isabel's parents were going out on a date.

“Would it be chill if I stayed over for a bit?” Kim asked.

“Of course! Why do you not want to be home?” Isabel responded.

“It’s not that, it’s just I want to hang out more with you. Plus you owe me for helping you with your studying”. Kim said in a sadistic way.

“Oh.. I’m sorry, I don’t have money right now. If you want me to pay you for your help I can”. Isabel said, not expecting to have to pay for Kims services.

“I don’t want your money silly”

“Well what do you want then? I’ll give you anything, you were a huge help!” Isabel responded.

“I want your naked body to be pressed up against mine.” Kim said, as she walked closer to Isabel, who was laying on her bed.

“Kim...Did you really just ask that?” Isabel replied, not quite sure how to take this bit of news.

“Oh I did. And I meant it. We are going to be doing some really dirty things while your parents are gone". Kim said, taking control.

“As long as you don’t tell anyone” Isabel said, not sure how to feel about the situation.

“Who needs to know? hehe.” Kim said removing her shirt, exposing her breasts. The sight was much more amazing than Isabel had thought. Her boobs  weren’t very big, but they were proportional to her body. They were an amazing sight. Her nipples were like traffic cones on the top of an iglue. Isabel was stunned in attraction.

“I believe it’s your turn” Kim said, Isabel who still had her top on. Isabel quickly removed her upper half of clothing revealing her D size breasts. They were huge, they hung with such variety that it was simple to mistake them for mochi ice cream. Kim was even more surprised than Isabel. She knew that Isabels breasts were big, but this was more than she thought. Her nipples were proportioned with the breast, not freakishly big but not disgustingly small. Instead of gazing at each others breasts, they jumped on one another for an exchanging of tongues. The longer they kissed the more saliva that would pour from the opening in their mouths. Spit falling from isabels chin on to her bodacious breasts.Kim started to unbutton Isabels pants and slipped two fingers into the wet vaginal crevice that she knew isabel wanted.

“Faster!" Isabel demanded.

And faster she went. Kim took her fingers out and removed the rest of both her and Isabels clothing. She laid Isabel down on the bed and layed down on top of her in the 69 position and started to massage each others clits with their tongues. Kim was always more adventurous. She continued to lick but slipped a finger into the rectum of her partner. This caught her off guard.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Isabel shouted.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing” Kim reassured her.

The mix of saliva and vaginal fluid was enough lube to get two fingers in isabels butt as she continuously fingered and licked at the same time. Isabel was getting really into it. Moving her hips back and forth. Moaning kims name. They continued until both girls were breathing really deep, really fast. They were both about to cum on each others bodies. They both started to flick each others beans faster, and faster, and faster until they both released an extreme amount of ecstasy.

“That was amazing”. Isabels said after she was done gnawing off Kims Labia lips.

“I’m glad I could help study”. Kim said in response.

“Wanna...come over tomorrow? I think I have another exam to study for”. Isabel said in desperate need of that sexual pleasure.

“Maybe, I’ll let you know”. Kim said, and then gave her a wink as she walked out the door.

Submitted: March 11, 2014

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I hate it when body parts are compared to food. I find it gross. But at least there were no grammatical disasters :)

Wed, September 10th, 2014 9:18pm

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