Neko's Serenity

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A girl who's being sexual assaulted by her step-father but ends u falling in love with a young thug.

Submitted: June 12, 2013

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Submitted: June 12, 2013



Serenity lay awake anticipating the night she didn't know when, but she knew he would be coming. She rolled over and looked at the clock it read 2:05 a.m. she started preparing herself mentally for what's about to take place. Her stepfather Anthony has been sneaking into her room ever since he and her mother got married last year. She wanted to tell her mother, but her mother was blinded by his wealth in her eyes he could do no wrong. She always knew something wasn't right about him, but her mother loved him he gave her anything and everything she wanted. So she did any and everything to keep him happy and that included her daughter. The sound of the door opening brought Serenity back to reality. She tensed up as he got closer to the bed. "Serenity", he said stroking himself. She ignored him and turned her back against him, and pretended to be sleep. That didn't stop him, he continued to touch and rub her 17 year old breast. The thought of getting into that sweet, tight virgin pussy made his dick jump. He wasn't going to right now he was going to take it in a couple of months when she's 18, he couldn't wait, but until then he'll have to keep eating her pussy. He took off his boxers and got into the bed with her. His hands begin to roam her body, when his hand reached her vagina she tensed up. He started pulling down her panties, she tighten her legs so he wouldn't get them off. He then ripped her panties off, a tear fell from her eye. He flipped her over on her back and starts kissing her on her neck and breast. She bites the inside of her cheek to keep from crying. He continued to kiss her body until his mouth meets her womanhood. His tongue found her clitoris he beginning licking and sucking her pussy like it was his last meal. Serenity tried her hardest not to cum, but her body betrayed her she let out a low moan. Anthony raised his head up and looked at her I knew you liked when I eat that pussy he said rubbing her swollen lips. Now it’s my turn to get mine he said getting on top of her. She begin to panic he always told her he wouldn’t take her virginity until she was 18. He sensed her tense up don't worry I'm not going to fuck you yet he said smiling I'm just finna tease you. He begins rubbing his dick against her pussy. He did this for five minutes until he ejaculated arrrrgh he said coming her stomach. He lay on top of her for a few seconds catching his breath. He rolled off her and got his boxers and left the room. Soon as he shut the door Serenity got up and ran into her bathroom and turned on the shower on. She turned the water on the hottest she could stand. She got into the shower and begins to scrub her body so hard it begins to burn. She let out a loud scream and began to cry.


Alana lay in the bed as she listened to her husband creep back into their bedroom. She knew what her husband was doing with her daughter. She wasn't proud of it or nor did she like it, but she needed to keep him happy so she and Serenity could be secure. She fell from grace once, and she's not going to do it again. Alana use to belong to one of the richest most powerful Italian families; she was the only child so anything she wanted she got. When she was sixteen she meet a black man name Robert. She was so in love with him he was her first everything. Her father found out about the relationship and forbid it. She confessed her love for him, her father gave her an ultimatum him or the family. Being so young and in love she chose him. Her and Robert eventually got a place and had a beautiful baby girl. Everything was going perfect until one day Robert left home and never came back. Distraught she didn't know what she would do. She knew she had to provide for her and her baby, so got dead in jobs trying to make ends meet. Until one day she meets Anthony at a law firm she cleaned at night. One day he was working late in the office while she was cleaning. They struck up a conversation she normal didn't date white men, but he was so charming and sweet. They dated for a couple of months, until he popped the question she eagerly said yes. Everything was great he treated her and Serenity like princesses. But she started noticing how he would look at Serenity and touch her. She tried to ignore it like it wasn't nothing, but deep in her heart she knew. One night she heard him get out the bed, she thought maybe he went into his office downstairs. She was going to surprise him with some midnight loving she got out of bed to head downstairs. As she was headed downstairs she heard moaning coming from Serenity's room. She went to the door and what she saw made her sick to her stomach Anthony was standing over her sleeping daughter beating his dick. She stood in shock. She didn't know what to do she ran back into their room and got back in the bed. She sat there crying and thinking why would he do that? Am I not attractive to him anymore? She was so busy in her own mind she didn't notice come through door until she heard his voice. What you doing up? Where have you been? She said looking into those blue eyes she loved so much. I was downstairs in the study he said getting into bed. Oh because I went down there and I didn't see you. I was probably in the kitchen he said with his back to her. Well I didn't see a light on, damn woman is this 20 questions or something go to bed. He got into the bed with his back facing her. She got quiet for a moment and stared at him. I saw you she said in a whisper, what? He said rolling over to face her. I saw she said louder I saw you in Serenity's room. He got quiet and looked at her. Why would you do that? How could you do that? You're supposed to love and protect us, not what you were doing that's disgusting. Before she could get the rest of the sentence out he back handed her so hard she fell off the bed. She could taste blood in her mouth; she looked up at him she saw he was walking towards her with a deranged look in his eyes. She tried to scoot away but he grabbed her by the hair. He turned her face towards his while still hanging on to her hair. Look you ungrateful bitch everything in this house belong to me including you and Serenity and I can do anything I want to do with my property he said tightening the grip on her hair. It felt like her scalp was on fire, don't you like living in this big house, having this expensive shit, and be able to spend my money he said in a softer tone and loosening the grip on her hair. She nodded her head as tears fell from her eyes, I thought so well sweetheart nothing in this world is free you understand. She nodded again; good you understand he said kissing her. He let her go and went back to bed. She sat in the corner crying knowing she just gave her daughter to her husband. Alana shook out her daydream as her husband put his arms around her and fell asleep

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