By The Yule Log

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A take on family blessings during Christmas splendor

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



By the Yule Log

As the leaves begin to cycle shades
Floating down to the ground all aimless
The warmth of the summer night fades
And the driveway left torn asunder in mess

As the Earth enters annual nocturne
Some diligent denizens hibernate
While others a lesson they relearn
Togetherness a true eternal state

As ends the cornucopia of summer time adventure
Our Lord's children brought together in the springs of joy
A smile on the faces of the blessed a Wonderful fixture
Proclamations of Love sweeter than the voice of the ginger choirboy

As the feast sits atop the table inviting with comfort
The kin and friend alike join hands in unison
With grace dispensed by eloquent concert
Heads arise in anticipation from humbled flexion

As genteel fellowship is recorded in shadow play
The eternal log burns bright from behind with the warmth of mother's smile
From the sky falls a single snow flake in prelude to a coming fray
Caught by the eye of a tyke ever restless in freestyle

As the evening comes to a halt among the sleeping souls
The dreams of babes flooding realms of mystery
There under a sky of color like the streams of maypoles
Here begins the return of our grandest day from history

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