Silent Scream--Quin Marie

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Just a peom I wrote. No summary needed.

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013



You look at me with pleading eyes
Mixed messages I get
Your flurry of hair surrounds your face
As you look at me with pleading eyes

You shake me, trying to make me understand
But I don't
You're speaking to me, screaming
But I don't hear a thing

Your lips are moving
I feel you breathing
But silence-
Is all I hear

You're yelling now
I can tell
I'm getting mixed messages
Should I change, or stay the same

Floating, but fearless you are
You have much beauty
In those pleading eyes
I hear you're silent scream

Silence is the enemy
I cannot hear
Nor can I read your words
Mixed messages and a silent scream

I look in your eyes
Those gorgeous, pleading eyes
And I don't know
What you want

You walk away
I want to chase you
But I know not
Because of your silent scream

I see your pleading eyes
But only in my head
For, now I know
You are gone forever

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