The Other Tale's a Lie--Quin Marie

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Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013



A long, long time ago, in a kingdom far, far away, there lived two step-sisters, Bernice and Cinderella. Bernice was beautiful, despite the lack of filling in her bodice and abnormally large feet, but Cinderella was gorgeous. The saying, “Looks can be deceiving” comes to mind when you compare Bernice to Cinderella.

“Clean my room, Burn-ee!” Cinderella shrieked with her high-pitch voice, her straight blonde hair bobbing up and down as she shook her tiny pale fist in Bernice’s white face. She paced the room with a menacing tread as crystal-like tears escaped from beneath Bernice’s dark lashes.

“Y-yes, sister, anything you say.” She whimpered as she fell to her knees and scrubbed vigorously at the dusty wooden floor. Cinderella laughed viciously at her step-sisters sorrow.

I’m the greatest there ever was! She deserves to suffer. She thought to herself. She decided that scrubbing the floor wasn’t enough so she crept to the corner of the majestic room, snatched up her recently used chamber pot, and proceeded to pour it over Bernice’s long auburn waves. The gooping brown-green muck slid down Bernice’s face like gigantic sloppy brown tears leaving messy tracks over her rose colored mouth. The muck seeped into the pocket of her bodice, down the front of her skirt, and onto the freshly-scrubbed, shining floor.

“Bernice!” Cinderella growled. “Why would you do such a thing as to pour my chamber pot over your head?” She smiled her devilish smile as Bernice burst into tears.

Just then, hearing the commotion, Bernice’s mother, Cinderella’s step-mother, rushed up the spiraling stair-case to find the two girls. She immediately noticed the chamber pot in Cinderella’s hands and the smell of waste coming from her filthy daughter.

“Cindy! Why would you do this to my little girl?” she screeched with her nasally voice as she glared intensely into Cinderella’s cold blue eyes. “I’m very disappointed in you! If your father were alive, I’m sure he’d throw you into the dungeon for a month, but being the kind and loving woman that I am, I will lower your punishment. You are grounded for three months! Clean your waste off of your sister and begin doing all of the chores!”

“But Mother, she did it to herself!” Cinderella whined, avoiding her mother’s gaze. But it was for nothing because she had already stormed out of the room, muttering about the lack of discipline her children had.

Cinderella wept heavily as she cleaned her waste off of Bernice’s face and dress. When she finished, Bernice escaped to her room crying furiously.

Two weeks later, an invitation to the Prince’s annual ball was delivered on the door-step. It read:

Prince Alex kindly invites the young women of this residence to attend his annual ball. The prince will be choosing his future bride at the ball, so dress accordingly. The ball shall begin at precisely 6 o’clock at the castle on the date of February 28. Don’t be late, Prince Alexander ac Luanter Lee.

“Bernice! Bernice! Come here to your dear old mother! We must get you prepared for the ball! You must marry the prince!” announced Mother.

“But what about Cinderella? Doesn’t she deserve a chance, too? She was invited!” Bernice reminded, feeling guilty for watching Cinderella do chores, while she just lay around.

“She will not be going! I don’t care if she’s invited, she’ll ruin your chances, Bernice! I want you to be happy.”

Cinderella heard this, stomped up to her room, and threw a tantrum. She wanted to be wed to the prince. She hated Bernice. She hated them all.

The morning of the ball, Bernice had a plan. She crept up to Cinderella’s room and told her to go to the ball. She said she’d get the prince if she wanted.

“Finally! Finally I get what I deserve!” Cinderella shouted ungratefully.

At precisely 6 o’clock, Bernice arrived at the ball in a white carriage drawn by two black mares. She was wearing a yellow-gold ball gown that gave the illusion of a fuller figure. Her hair came down I auburn ringlets surrounding her freshly made-up face. Her piercing green eyes stood out the most and like a cat in the night, she glanced nervously around the brightly lit ball room.

Prince Alex was the first to notice her. He called out and asked her to dance. Accepting, she shyly glanced into his kind brown eyes that were slightly covered by his jet-black hair. They danced for what seemed like hours and slowly got to know each other. When Cinderella pranced into the ballroom wearing a daring strapless blue gown, Prince Alex announced his engagement to Bernice. Cinderella was fuming.

The day of the wedding, Cinderella marched up the steps of the castle to the prince’s room. She told him that Bernice was an evil woman and treated her like a slave, all of which were lies. The prince, not wanting to marry a heartless person, called off the wedding with Bernice and decided to marry Cinderella instead.

Bernice was heartbroken. She didn’t attend the wedding and wouldn’t speak to anyone. To make matters worse, after the ceremony, Princess Cinderella announced that Bernice was banned from the kingdom.

Bernice was consumed with grief while Cinderella enjoyed undeserving happiness. She wished she hadn’t been so naïve. She wanted the pain to end. So one night, Bernice decided to end it all. She brought the silver blade of her gilded dagger up to her long, angelic neck and smoothly dragged it across causing crimson blood to rain upon her dirtied, not-so beautiful ball gown.

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