You Won't Forget--Quin Marie

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You think you'll forget, but you're wrong.

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



You will never forget. You will always see me in your dreams. You’ll see my clammy face, smeared with red. You will see my filmed-over eyes as they stare blankly into your cold gaze. You will see my mouth, the mouth that was once filled with perfect, white teeth, pooling over with more dark red as it drips down my once unbroken neck.

You will always see my arms, bent at an awkward, unnatural angle. You will remember. You will remember my blood-curdling scream as you hurt me. You’ll remember my head of thick, black hair, unsoiled from my own blood. You’ll remember me running. You’ll practically gasp for air as if you were chasing me once more.

You’ll hear the crack, the crushing, and smashing of my skull against that very cold linoleum floor. You’ll feel the warm blood, sticky on your large, meaty hands. You’ll speed up, just a few miles over the limit; anxious to get past the site you buried my body. Just the thought of it will sicken to a point where you have to pull over and vomit. You will never forget the day you ended my life for no reason.  I’ll be sure of that.

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