How to live?

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Hard times at Rocky place with Kara stuck in the middle of family problems and her ex-girlfriend Kris trying to be helpful.

Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012



She slipped the bag into my hand as we walked past in the bus depot; it was the size of a coin purse or small makeup bag and lightweight. I walked on my bus and to my seat, and then I opened the bag. It was her dog tags and a note. Why would she give this back to me if it already took all my willpower to give it back? I read the note “I miss you Kitty, please spend the night at my house on September fourteenth?” She had said Kitty of all names, the nickname she had given me when we were together. I miss her too. Why would she want me to come over? That was the question. I put the note and her dog tags back in the bag and slipped it into the front pocket of my backpack. My bus got to school and I walked to my first period like every other morning. I told my best friend Laura about that morning and showed her the bag. She was just as shocked as me because she knew everything that went on. Laura was my confidant through everything. The day went by fast, that Tuesday. I didn’t have any tests and had to ride the bus home. Her bus pulled into the depot and I saw her as it pulled into its spot. I saw she was in her old seat in front of the emergency exist. I quickly averted my attention to my IPod to seem occupied. Waiting for the last depot bus made my day even longer. “Don’t look into her eyes you’ll give in,” I thought to myself. “I’ll talk to mom when she gets home. She’ll know what to do. She has the greatest advice,” I thought.

I thought about the day until my mom got home. I explained my day to her and showed her the bag. She told me “If you want to, go ahead, just go with your gut and don’t force yourself to do anything you don’t want to.” I decided I would go and texted herKara, I’ll come over but why do you want me over?I got a reply instantly and she had typedMy dad is going to be staying over for the weekend. Thank you.

The next day went by extremely slowly, and the nineteenth was that Friday. I had admitted to myself that I was as nervous as scared. I had never met her dad before for two reasons; he lived in a different state and did military service. When I finally got home that day I talked about the situation with my mom, I would tell her everything. I felt like Kara was watching me the rest of the week. On Thursday we had worked out the details and it was now Friday. My mom dropped me off at her house at five p.m. I saw her waiting for me on the front porch. I walked up to her and sat down next to her. I waved at my mom as drove off. “I miss you, Kris. They were fighting inside… I I I can’t do it,” she stuttered. “It's ok Kara. I’ll be here for you.” I gave her a hug and we walked inside. I could her yelling coming from upstairs. I walked with her up the stairs and past it into her room. I sat my stuff down and we lay down on her bed. I gave her an earphone and pressed play on my iPod. We relaxed there and she talked to me about how it was with her dad there for just a couple hours. I heard we got called down for dinner and we got up then walked down the stairs. Jose and Carl sat down next to each other which was odd considering they had been arguing for the past couple hours. It was myself with Kara on one side and her mother Lee on the other. Jose and Carl were across the table from me. Dinner was homemade pasta made by Lee and Carl asked me about life. Carl said “Since you are a guest you can take the guest bedroom to spend the night.” I replied “No sir. You can stay in there; I’ll be fine where I am.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jose’s eyes widen and I knew I had just started a commotion. “Why don’t you call me sir?” Jose asked. I already knew Jose didn’t like me from previous experiences when Kara and I were together. He was not very kind to Kara or Lee so it was the same for me. I had dealt with a guy just like Jose in my life. My own father so I didn’t have tolerance for it. “Sorry. My mother taught me to call people in the military sir expect my family.” Kara and Lee’s mouths dropped as I finished speaking and went back to eating. “Wow, your mother actually taught you something that stuck in your thick skull!” Jose sarcastically said. I was so close to saying something back to him but instead I asked to be excused and Lee nodded. I started to walk toward the stairs but then turned around and looked Jose in eyes. “You remind me so much of my father. No wonder I don’t talk to him,” I said with a shrug.

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