Shes like the wind

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The life of Kali Warren and Kiley Cooper.

*Note: This is based on a true story*

It was like any other first day of school, the old classmates that you really didn’t want to deal with, the friends that you missed over the summer that you can’t live without, and the random new students that one brave person friends. One that first day she was quiet but you could tell she would make a difference in our eight grade school year. I could already tell I would be her friend eventually, but I’m not a brave soul. No, that was Hanna, the religious bug of my friends. I haven’t socialized with her since the sixth grade, being in the same class did that. We also had one mutual friend, Rae. Hanna knew Rae from other classes but I just knew they were friends. Rae and I had just met in that computer class. We sat next to each other and chatted while we worked. The next school year we had found out we were in choir together, which started our middle school friendship. Rae wasn’t in our eight grade class of thirty-one but I always talked to her in fourth period every day. Hanna really connected with the new girl, and I was yet to find out her name. This was still the first week after all but Hanna had apparently met her that Sunday before at her youth group. There was one reason why I couldn’t deal with religious nuts besides Hanna, the having to do something all the time, spreading our religion, never going against the Bible crap. Yes, I was baptized but I was never Christian, always Baptist. I never really went to church any way but I was perfectly fine with that as long as you didn’t make me go. I had morals and views but not because I went to church, that was to not live up to the mistakes my parents had made. Hanna had very big views and always gave her Christian view on whatever the topic was. Sometimes I just wanted her to shut her mouth because at this point in time nothing bad had ever happened to her, at least not as bad as what happened to me.

Hanna and I grew closer during this first week but I would never call us more than semi-friends. I wouldn’t go telling my feelings and problems to her, for that I had my three best friends, Maci, Ele and of course Rae. Maci was also friends with Hanna but she had made new friends in our class. I had known Maci since elementary school and back then we were twins. Almost identical but never related, people often got us confused in fourth and fifth grade. I had ridden the same bus home with her since sixth grade but I never talked to her on the bus. I talked to Ele who was a grade younger than me but as mature as me. Some would say she was just crazy but I thought she was a great friend. I would always talk about random crap while Maci was also on the bus but once she got off I would talk about the day or people at our school. Ele understood me and my views. She knew what made me tick, how to cheer me up and whatever the hell I was pissed about before I told her. She was a great friend to me but I kinda lost touch with her after I began talking with Hanna’s new friend, The New Girl. You could tell at first look that she was sporty or maybe a skater or both but all everyone knew was her old school, St. Mary’s Private School, well it really was Catholic School those are the same as Private School. Everyone knew from just her that she was a goody nerd. Even I thought that until I got to know her better.

She had moved here from Ohio which wasn’t a big move at first thought but then I found out she was from Cleveland, a city which I passed every time I went to Trenton, Michigan. Then I knew this was a big move and change for her. I calculated that it had to have been at least an eight hour drive down to Louisville, Kentucky. I was surprised that she would have a big move like that before she finished middle school. The new girl’s name was Kiley Cooper, originally from Huntsville, Alabama. Hanna joked with her on how we actually do where shoes and don’t marry our cousins like people portray the South. We weren’t Deep South but still considered South by some people. No, we weren’t rich like some people up North but we weren’t going too badly. It was November by the time I accepted Kiley as my friend. I was very quiet and shy around new people especially Kiley. At first sight of her I knew something big would happen between us but I never would have guessed what it really was until now, standing at the end. I was thirteen year old, Blonde and Blue-eyed, Kali Warren. I know a month full right? But back Kiley, she was beautiful. I had never known this feeling until it happened but I loved it. Her dirty blonde hair which we always debated on the color and deep brown eyes really struck me. Kiley was religious like Hanna but there was this different side of her. I knew it was there from when we first met but I hadn’t figured it out at the time. But looking back it would have been plan as day if I would have just noticed.

We walked to every class together, it helped that we had all but one class together. It would be the teacher’s dumbass move to sit us near each other. We even got in trouble once because of it. I was sitting behind Kiley in our third period Social Studies class. I got this urge to play with her hair because the movie we were watching was extremely boring and about the one thing I know a lot about, Weapons. I started twirling her ponytail around my finger. I thought to myself “Wow, she has really soft hair,” Kiley asked what I was doing and I told her which she didn’t mind that I was. Then our teacher noticed this and said “Girls, this is not a beauty salon,” I immediately moved my hand on to my desk and my face flushed. Everyone was looking around to see what was going on but I already had my eyes to the movie. We went to lunch that day and chatted about it. Our friends Maci and Hanna joked about that of course it would be us. I would just laugh and say “I guess he does look after his players right Kiley?” She would nod and just go on with the conversation. Kiley was a very odd and funny person but never get on her bad side because then you’re screwed. She was fierce when you got on her bad side. She would always chew her pudding if she didn’t have a straw. She would drink it with a straw which grossed out everyone at our lunch table. The school year was over before I knew it. Kiley and I would be going to two different schools; she’d be off to Moore and I’d be off to Brown. We would still see each other in the morning though; we both had to ride through a bus depot. She actually would ride the bus that would take me to school. We would text nonstop everyday which both of us had gotten in trouble for on many occasions. It was December when it all happened. We had known each other for a year now and were the best friends of ever.

She knew almost everything about me and I knew everything about her. She didn’t know my one secret though, that I loved her. She had been texting me and asked if she could call me. It had been an odd day for us both. She wasn’t acting like herself but I just went with it. She called me that night, and what I heard her say was unexpected. She told me that she thought she liked me but not like a friend, like a girlfriend. I didn’t really say much on that phone call because I knew she was trying to get that thought out of her head. I didn’t want to lose her because of this but in the end it didn’t matter. She hung up the phone in tears. I texted her and told her that It’s not odd for her to like me no matter her religion. I knew she was having an inner debate with herself. I told her that I had to admit something to her, that I felt the same thing. She didn’t answer that text for a while but I knew she was asking herself why I didn’t say it on the phone. I had debated telling her on the phone but couldn’t. We still chatted the next morning but things were awkward. I just hoped she would understand her feelings and kept them.

It was the thirteenth and she texted me asking to be her girlfriend. I told her if she wanted me to be I would. Neither of our parents knew this. We would still hug every morning like we did as friends. People at our depot probably thought we were weird or just dating which made us even weirder. We were together for about a month when she asked me if she could tell her grandmother. I was a little cautious at first because I had never met her grandmother but I let her. Her dad’s family was really accepting of us and our relationship. I hadn’t told anyone I trusted about us but that was change. I told my friend since elementary school, Eliza. We had first and fifth period together and in both I sat next to each other. It was fifth period one day and I told Eliza about Kiley and I. She was happy for us and wished us well which was a little shocking to me because of her religious views. I asked her about that and she told me her mom had brought her up to believe that gays aren’t against Christian religion. Eliza was my best friend in our freshman year. She was also a great singer and actress which were my two hobbies as well. She had gotten a part in our schools musical and I was very happy for her.

It was the week after my birthday and the school musical was this weekend. Eliza invited me to come and see it. I was planning on going since I found out she got a part. I talked with my mom and we decided to go on Saturday. I was texting Kiley at this time and my mom said I could invite her so I did. She said she would talk to her mom about it. I then got the good idea for her to sleepover at my house on Friday then we go on Saturday. I told Kiley of my idea and she talked to her mom. The next morning I told Eliza about how I was coming on Saturday and couldn’t wait. Eliza was pumped that I was coming. School went on that day but I never expected what happened after school that day. Kiley told her mom about her and I. She didn’t ask me but since her dad’s side knew she felt it was time for her mom to know. I would have told her not to if I had the chance but I didn’t. I knew what her mom was like and I also knew she didn’t like me. I was never mean to her but I was apparently disrespectful to her. I wasn’t taught like Kiley was on manners but I was still taught to be polite. I knew how she and her step dad were toward Kiley and me from the many times we slept over at each other’s houses. Kiley came back after a while and told me she told her mom. I knew she wouldn’t be talking g to me much longer that was the nail in the coffin.

I talked to Kiley that more that night and she said she couldn’t sleep over at my house anymore and vise versa. I was very saddened by this because I knew it would tear us apart but I didn’t know it would be so fast. I decided to tell my mom about Kiley and me without asking her. My mom was completely fine with us but a little worried like any mom would be. I knew in my heart that whatever happened I would never Regret it. We went to eat then went to the Musical, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. After we took Kiley home she told me she wanted to call me. I told her I couldn’t talk tonight but said she could call me tomorrow. It was a big mistake in my book. The next day I did what homework was due on Monday and she called me. I picked up the phone on the worst phone call ever. I dint know why she wanted to talk on the phone but she had told me she didn’t want to do it by text. I was worried like any girlfriend or friend would be. We were best friends until that call. On the phone she told me that we should break up. I was going to try and reason with her but I knew there was no use. I was sad and angry with her. I hung up on her and cried. I didn’t have the courage to tell my mom just yet.

On the next Monday I told Eliza that she broke up with me. She was sad for me and asked if I was ok. I said I was ok and that its life but she could tell it was going to be a sucking day. Kiley had texted me that morning but I didn’t answer her. I finally told my mom and cried on her shoulder. This is how my life has been the past few months but there was not a hint of Regret in me. I may not have the friend I once had but I'm doing just fine with the people there for me. I’m not the same person I was back then, now I’m a confident fifteen year old who isn’t even looking for love. I guess the person I’m meant to be with is still out there. They are gonna have to come find me and break down these walls from love that I have put up. I don’t care what people think of me anymore but you know what? I feel like I’m better off like this and without heart-breakers. If she wouldn’t have broken up with me, it would have been six months today.

Submitted: June 14, 2012

© Copyright 2021 QuinnIndovia19. All rights reserved.

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How sad :( Nicely written however, just a suggestion...make the size of the font a little bigger. It makes it a little easier on the eyes.

Fri, June 15th, 2012 6:43pm


Grazie. Will do.

Fri, June 15th, 2012 11:59am

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