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These are my personal thoughts about how nature is connected.

Submitted: April 03, 2016

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Submitted: April 03, 2016



Though I am only a stone and I know no other action than to sit or break apart, I understand nature.

I feel the rain wash away the dust that the wind dresses me in. I feel the sun warming me after my bath which the courteous rain gifted me. I know of natural things, though I have no ears, so I cannot hear the birds; I have no eyes for which to see them either.

You may ask, then, how it is I know of them.

It is through the rain and wind and sun that these pleasures are made known to me.

The sun casts down the bird’s shadow upon my face, sending me their warmth and revealing to me the shape of them; the wind covers the birds with the same dust in which she covers me, therefore, I know their burden and their weight; the rain washes me much as she does the birds, and often while they sit upon my back, so see - the rain washes down their scent to me - so I know their life and their being.


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