Blind Victory

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This tale is about a man who has led a somewhat normal life, he lives in a small village far away from any other civilization, and there is good reason for it. The land the village is built on has many names, but most refer to it as the cursed land. Believing the area they live in only brings bad luck and misery people have packed and tracked far into the country to avoid this place. Once a strong kingdom stood here, respected royalty inhabited these lands, they had a goal that was kept secret from the world. A goal that led to their inevitable downfall. Ever since this kingdom fell the only thing that remained was the small village filled with people desperate to flee the country.
Kraven, a former soldier from the now new kingdom's armies has returned home to be together with his wife and daughter, he tried to find a way to get all of them out of the cursed lands but his service to the king was not enough. Soon however, a new opportunity arose. A fallen dragon was fleeing the kings hunting battalion specifically created to hunt and eradicate these beasts. The monster was being chased right into the village's direction, now a short distance from entering the cursed lands. Kraven must join forces and take care of this beast to protect his village, and hopefully take enough of the spotlight to gain some good influence from the king.

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Blind Victory

Submitted: December 13, 2018

The origin story of the universe I created for my characters to live in.
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