man with no face

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Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011



A long time ago in a not so distant country there was a man that was quiet and kept to himself and always wore glasses, always wore a hat and he never spoke unless spoken to. One day he decided to go into town and buy some groceries, as he walked in the door people began to  murmur under there breath and talk about the old man and how bad he looked, they talked about the hump on his back and about how wrinkled his skin was how few teeth he had, some even laughed at the old man who’s face you couldn’t quite see, a brief silence came upon the store when the old man who stood at the entrance uttered to a store clerk, can you help me young man I need to buy some food and I am to feeble to carry them as you see I have a cane and can barely walk, the clerk looked around the room at the other people then replied I am sorry sir but we have a no shoes no service policy so I have to ask you to leave . The old man quietly spoke again and said I am a old country man who can not afford shoes but I have money for food and I ask you humbly to let my purchase some food so I may have the strength to survive another day, The store manager stepped up and said no shoes, no shirt no service that means you cant enter this store without them and you cant shop here, The old man lifted his head slowly and said I understand I am not wanted here because of my flaws and because of my appearance and I see how shallow you people are that you would shun a old feeble man away at your door and cast judgment down on me, he paused to catch his breath then spoke, as you have shunned me and passed judgment so shall I , remember what you have done and remember your sins ask for forgiveness for I shall not forget them the next time I see you, the old man turned and limped away using his cane he quickly disappeared from sight and was never seen again. Forty days later a well dressed man came into town, nobody had ever seen him before he said I need to get some groceries for me and my family and friends , the store manager ran up to him and said sure sir let us help you and your friends, then man replied that’s great I will be back with them they are in the car, the store manager and people in town waited and looked on with anticipation the man and his so called family and friends began to walk back towards the store and the center of town with smiles on their faces, suddenly everything changed as the man as his so called friends and family began shooting and killing everybody and taking everything they had within 40 seconds the whole town was dead and there was nobody left just the Man and his friends, the men stood tall with grins on their face then their eyes turned black and they disappeared. The town was dead silent nobody was left alive, all of a sudden the old man with no face limped into town using his voice he said evil be gone you cannot be where I walk, the well dressed man and his friends reappeared with black eyes and said see you when our father walks the earth, the old man turned and looked at the men with black eyes and said be no more and so it was, as they burst into flames, The old man gather his strength and said rise my children and suddenly the dead bodies rose if never killed, the people rose and said we were dead but now we are alive , they all looked at the old man as he stand in front of them looking feeble and helpless, the old man spoke just as I was resurrected so are you and just like you passed judgment on me I shall pass it on you, their mouths open and dropped as they now realized who this man they had shunned away was. The old man dropped his cane and stood up straight and said you told me when I came to your store and asked for your help I could not come in because I have no shoes, you laughed and talked about me because the way I looked even when I begged and said I need the food to survive another day you kicked me out of your store and even when I told you to remember your sins and ask for forgiveness but you ignored what I said, Then a man dressed so clean and neat came to your town and you let him right in and he killed all of you dead. The old man took a deep breath and said as your doors were closed to me so shall mine be closed to you, the old man disappeared the people began to cry and beg for forgiveness but it was to late there bodies became hot their skin started to melt and burn and they could not stop the pain, the people now realized where they were what they had become and knew why they were suffering.

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