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a in depth look at humanity

Submitted: August 20, 2014

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Submitted: August 20, 2014



In the world we live in there is so much to learn ,so much to go through as we look for the meaning of life. Men look for love and of course women look for it too but we also look for intimacy.we look for connection, In conclusion we all  want what  only a few of us may ever have .Pain is something that life is not without it is defined as punishment by mankind  but yet only in gods eyes are we all equal. Ill elements or disorderschange the rankings or way of life and control is given to others over lessers yet what makes us the people lesser is the value of money and the abuse of power, I myself  am onlyone  man with one  struggle.I myself am onewho has been denied but never given up when my journey begins was decided at birth, when my journey ends only god the creator will have that answer, and that is one we all can not escape. Cruel leaders and wicked political forces band togther or against each other right under our very own eyes and there is nothing we can do  we look blind but we look happy and falsify our own reality,To myself  I think is my broken heart healed is it to be broken again or is it just in need of experience the beatings and detachments seem senseless when looking at this huge world, i scream or say look into my eyes look into what i have seen i say what is it all worth why live if this is our world,Father dear Father who are in heaven is this what you had planned for me for my friends my family for us all to suffer or have i never seen your true blessings is this a trial  why do cruel men live when murdering those who follow you,  I need not ask for i now it is your will what is written and what shall be donebut Father my faith is has been shaken and i have not given up on it  because of this cause i know who you aarewhat you are capable of  and i am in your image.This world that we live in love, judgement, pain,suffering,we are man and woman this is flaw not flawless  this is life and we are mankind.

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