Aboard a ship

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this is a poem i wrote while i was on a cruise for my sisters birthday party

Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011



I feel the wind blowing through my hair as we slowly make our way along the lake.

We are moving as slow as a snail.

I dont mind the speed.

It actually feels nice to take time to see things you normally dont see.

I can smell the sea breeze through my nose as i breathe in slowly.

I see nothing but nature all around.

There are different color green trees on every side of the lake.

There are light blue and purple mountains in the distance.

And we are slowly gliding through deep navy blue water.

I can taste the salty air on my tongue.

It reminds me of the beach that me and Kaleb used to go to all the time before he died.

I can hear the crashing of the waves as they hit the boat.

I can hear the whistling of the wind.

I can also hear the horn of the ship everytime we pass another boat.

I hear people shouting in surprise everytime they see something that usually goes unnoticed.

Ships here, boats there, OMG they are everywhere.

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