Waiting for love that may never come

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still waiting for love? this will make you feel better

Submitted: July 09, 2011

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Submitted: July 09, 2011



The things we do for love.

Love can be one man's trash but another man's treasure (sorry didnt know how else to phrase that).

Love can cause very strong emotions for both men and women.

These strong emotions can lead to stupidity.

For instance love is said to be sacred to some cultures because some cultures have a hard time finding and keeping love.

Example number 1: Cave men and Cave women beat the crap outta each other and killed one another.

Example number 2: Some cultures believe women have no rights what so ever, no matter what the law says. Therefor these women get fed up and leave their husbands.

These are prime examples of why some cultures never find love.

With that said love is hurtful and painful.

But its worth it in the end.

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