When ever you get sombre about someone

When ever you get sombre about someone, it is very hard. And his misery is very detailed This is why it is not in deeded Why are you someone of the person? Why is this not available? This boring is reason And the skins of the creates and the person of shovel Perhaps the person is not indeed the scholar This misery of the aspect And the meaning of the aspects Are not available But many people suggest otherwise Everything cannot become what you think ? This is something that it is not available, This is not available This was not a misery This was the not the world of misery I love my religion and simple as This all of the people Of the mall Go partying With 50 cent As they go to the people of the secret And the secret of all of the person This statement is becoming boring. When ever you break someone’s heart, you are happy I love breaking hearts because i am a heartbreaker WOHOO! This is the indications of the crisis that is going , When this same thing happens to you then the partying the people of going into the aspects of not going. ! We need the crisis of the immediate of the allows of the end of sentencing Manners are vital within humanity Since weeza looks like a car tomen. Mans like us say that the world is ending like no mans business. This life is nothing, and there is no end to it because their is good people If this wasn’t the case the whole world would of been destroyed What does this tell you about the world? ? ? GOOD NIGHT--

Submitted: November 26, 2010

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