The Invisible Dress

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This story is about two friends who are totally different from is a pride and other have confidence. Lets see how win Pride or Confidence.

Submitted: December 15, 2010

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Submitted: December 15, 2010



Elvey; the little proud fairy and his friends were playing in the fairy playground. Ollie; the messenger owl pasted something on the fairyland notice board. Elvey and his friends went to see what it say and it says "Invisible dress! fairy land is offering you a new dress.When you wear the dress, you are completely invisible to other..... Play tricks and get treats!' Elvey said" wow! i would love to buy this amazing dress." Giggly one of Elvey friend replied" Hey! Stop dreaming , you cant buy this dress." Elvey got disturbed" Why! Mr.Giggly." Giggly replied " Because it is not for selling, there is only one piece in the Fairyland which is the prize for the upcoming royal winner! You should read it complete before dreaming, Ok!!" Elvey make a face and go away.

Everyone was waiting for the Royal Day. This time they had to make the Fairy Princess laugh who was always sad due to a spell, if anyone was able to make her laugh .. he or she would get the Invisible Dress. Elvey and Giggly had a competition that who will win the royal prize. Finally the day came which everyone was waiting for especially Giggly and Elvey. Many fairies and gnome tried to make princess laugh but everyone one failed. Now Elvey and Giggly were left. Elvey was proud on him because he was the naughty fairy on the fairyland and he knew many tricks. Elvey went inside and tried many tricks but he also failed. He went out with a smile thinking that if he was unable to make the princess laugh so how can that stupid Giggly can make her laugh. Giggly went inside and there was some water on the floor which made Giggly slip. Everyone laughed on him and surprising the princess also laughed. Elvey was really angry because he was the one to throw water on the floor to make Giggly fell and everyone make fun of him but here something else happened. Giggly was given the royal prize. Giggly was happy that he won Elvey Challenge. Elvey didn't change he was jealous of Giggly but this didn't made any difference ; the Royal Prize was of Giggly. Elvey played many tricks on Giggly but Giggly replied him back by playing tricks on Elvey with his Invisible Dress.

Moral: Proudness never win.“In general, pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes.”

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