The Broken promises

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this is a tragic love story

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011




You promised me you’ll not leave my hand even if i leave yours!!

You promised to stand by my side when i am alone!!

You promised to protect me always!!

But now where are you? Where have you lost leaving me behind?where have you lost yourself?ups! now you are someone else but not can you say you cant be mine?how can you do that to one you love?you know that i am always yours since childhood.Sometime i think i wouldnt have grown up,i could always be with you.damn it!!how could you break all your promises you made holding my hand.

Although it was made innocently,it was a promise.But you.................

I know i am still in that whats there in expressing?why do you want to hurt me so much and make yourself so far from are such an idiot.when will you understand me?maybe after my death or maybe not...


I cannot think of forgetting you even in my dream. you are my first love but i could not make you my last roz has hide inside someone.

my roz was a small cute boy.he was always full of fun.always had his qust by his side.playing football and guitar was his interest and qust,she always wanted to be with roz.carrying water in a bottle she used to run after roz.every Saturday they used to go to a temple nearby and make promises holding each others hand.they were too innocent and really didnt know what were they doing..roz was so stupid that he always wanted qust to be happy and be infrint of him.there was no any single match that roz played without qust.the first time qust got on a new bicycle of roz but fell off and were harsly scolded but roz was always there to protect her.playing hide and seek was really a fun to both.roz never count on qust and in hiding turn roz catches qust’s hand and hide in such a place that he can protect his by day both grew up and the other brother sister started teasing them and gave them the name of their relation,the new name of love.roz understood it was love but the poor gal qust was unknown.

Roz proposed with heavy heart but the unknown qust refused that.roz heart broke up.\\the very year his mother called him denmark to stay with first he denied going but when he was frefused he agreed.the last time roz came to see qust to say bye something like a thunder ball fell over her heart and felt a unusal feeling which sucks her much deep inside..hardly she could say bye.the moment roz was off to airport dont know what made her tearfall from her eyes.After his departure she kept on thinking about him,remember all those things they did innocently and laugh at a sudden.she felt that she too was in love with him.she was so happy and waited roz to come back.

Finally after two years,roz was back.she was so happy hearing the news.her feet left land.she tried to meet and tell everything but could not .it was not that easy now....

At a sudden they met up in a friends house.qust and roz both met up .both seemed so happy.they spend some time together.qust started expressing her feelings to roz.she explained everything to him and kept her heart out.but now the situation was different,roz grew up......

Qust couldnt do anything except looking at him going away breaking all those promises and flowing unstoppable rivers of tears from her eyes,she could do nothing......


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