You better leave

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its fo all those who dump a gal fo no reson

Submitted: November 08, 2011

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Submitted: November 08, 2011




Around a year has passed

Since our relation didn’t cast

Although my love was vast

Me as a heroine in your film couldn’t cast


So many months after

I was looking to my drafter

And couldn’t hold my laughter

For the mercy of mine to the blood drinker


Since our relation was a mess

I was going to file a case

So you better tie up your lace

And don’t ever show me your face


Yesterday night I dreamt about you

With a girl in your hand, a completely new

May be you have such many standing in a queue

But I am sorry I am not available in any venue


You were with her on a street, walking and walking

Don’t know why in this matter am I talking?

Although I don’t give a shit for what’s happening

I want to see you suffering

For what have you done to me by buffering


For your all betrays and your lies

That brought rivers of tears in my eyes

Affection for you can’t of guys

Even god don’t have any replies


Your virtual drama will not work and your bow

For my question to you is how?

You may be intelligent and know the meaning of tow

I am not interested in you, you better leave now.



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