This 12 year old boy had only seen this man once in his lifetime and knew him scarcely. He is very mysterious and has a special characteristic about him. The boy is about to find that out.

Table of Contents

A Criminal Mind

Chapter 1 The moment I saw him I knew him . He used to work for my father at Exxon Mobile, long before I was born. Flipping through m... Read Chapter

Chapter 2 I couldn’t believe it. The figure in the alley was mind controlling me and saying look on the back as if he actually want... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 The man, now looking at the TV, smiled uncomprehendingly. The TV weather man bragged on about the weather. The man was eati... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 As I walked in the front door, I could smell the freshness of mother’s cooking. She had been making pot roast and it smel... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 The man called me. He asked me to meet him at 1426 South Avenue on the other side of town. I met him the next day suspiciou... Read Chapter