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Abduction. Is a horrible crime that can happen to anyone at anytime. (Please comment any grammar mistakes you can find thank you).

Submitted: January 28, 2015

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Submitted: January 28, 2015




“Wake up… Edgar, please don’t sleep during class”. Edgar opened his eyes slowly; the teachers words mumbled in the background, he felt numb. He stretched a little and sat straight to tray to pay attention to the class. He had slept late studying for the upcoming history exam. He looked around the classroom and saw his classmates, the white wall and the cardboards stuck into it. He saw the white board with notes about equations. He continued answering the equations in his notebook.

History class came and the exam started. Edgar started answering; the exam wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be. He felt disappointed so much work only for this exam. When the school was over, Edgar went walking home. It wasn’t a long way; the apartment where he lived was only about two and a half kilometers from the school. Edgar didn’t particularly liked walking, when he walked he started thinking, thinking brought him memories and he didn’t had many good ones.

His father had died about two years ago in a car crash. Before living in the little apartment where he and his mother lived now, his family had lived in a nice house near a forest. They lived far away from everything but still he liked the forest. They had moved since the maintenance of the house wasn’t cheap and now they weren’t able to afford all that gasoline from living so far away. He started feeling sad and then angry. “Remembering… there’s nothing worse than remembering” he thought.

Still, Edgar kept remembering, he couldn’t help it. He remembered that that morning his mother had woken up crying apparently from a dream about his father. He had to stay with her to console her. He hated watching her like that. When she stopped crying she stayed in bed looking at the roof. It wasn’t the first time her mother had done something like that. She did it almost every two months by now.

He had to prepare himself breakfast and prepare his lunch. He wanted things to go back to normality when her mother was always alright and she prepared him dinner. He had felt angry when he thought about that. Edgar had become a really serious and angry teenage boy. He became angry every time he thought about how things used to be, he was angry at life in general.

He liked the sense of numbness, that way he didn’t felt, that way he didn’t remembered. Edgar almost needed to be distracted so that he wasn’t depressed. Edgar liked to read books about people in worse situations than him, TV series and movies about that. He had also found out that videogames where like an analgesic to his pain. His mother had told him that if he kept like that she would have to take him to a psychologist. He wasn’t disgusted with the idea that he could be taken out of his depression, even though he believed that wasn’t possible. His mother was upset by looking him in such a situation. Edgar knew that so he pretended he was alright and that he felt he could be cured. He thought that if he made her mother happy she would be able to make him happy.

He kept on walking until he arrived to the avenue that indicated he was halfway home. There had been a car crash and the whole place was a disaster. One of the cars that crashed had hitten the traffic lights and broke them. Now all the cars were coming from everywhere and with no order. Edgar wouldn’t be surprised if another car crash happened.

He decided crossing there was too dangerous and it wasn’t worth it. He returned until he got to a secondary street that lead to another cross of the avenue that hopefully, was more organized. He started walking through the street. He noticed the street was really alone and he couldn’t see any cars or persons passing nearby. He looked back and saw a parked white van only with frontal polarized windows.

He walked further into the street; he was now at the middle of it. The van remembered him of the movies were people were abducted and nobody would ever notice. Suddenly, he felt a goose bump going through his neck and turned again to look at the van. Then he saw how it accelerated full speed aiming right at him. Edgar didn’t hesitated, he ran as fast as he could away from the van. He could hear how the roaring motor got closer every second. Finally he heard the wheels squeal because of the brake.

The van stopped at his left side a little in front of him. Edgar tried to stop but the inertia took him a little further where a pair of arms cached him and took him into the van. The car was dark in the inside and the only light came from the wind shield. Then he felt how two pieces of fabric covered his eyes and mouth preventing him from screaming or seeing. He kept on struggling but then he felt something hard hit his head and he fell unconscious to the hard floor of the van.

Edgar woke up lying on concrete cold floor with a headache. He touched his head and felt wet suddenly pain increased a lot more. He looked around, he was in a small room with only one small window with bars where moonlight could filter and illuminated the wall. In front of him there was a door, some light could filter between the door and the floor. A pair of shadows cutted the thin line of light, somebody was guarding the door. He tried to get near the door but when he gave a couple of footsteps he fell. He had chains in his feet. Edgar didn’t tried to stand up; he looked at the window until he fell asleep.

He woke up thirsty and hungry, he looked around for food or water but he didn’t find any. He started thinking about his situation, why was he abducted? He knew four reasons of why people get abducted; blackmail, human trade, organ trade and that someone had sent a hit man to kill him. He grinned at the last one, why would someone even bother to do that? His family wasn’t rich so it wasn’t business to blackmail them. He barely had photos in his profile so no one could ever be interested in him. Then he thought about organ trade. He froze in fear and noticed they hadn’t given him food or water because it didn’t matter if he was dead or alive. He had to get out of there, at any moment someone would open that door and it would all be over.

He stood up, he saw the chains he had in his feet were too hard to break, the window was too small for him to go through and besides, it had bars. There was nothing else in the room he became desperate and ran towards the doors but the chains made him fell he tried again and again but failed every time. He wouldn’t give up Edgar struggled for about an hour.

“Those won’t break that easily”, someone muttered.

Then Edgar remembered the guard of the door. The voice didn’t sound like of an older person, it heard like a young person.

“H-hello?”, Edgar stammered, he was tired from all that struggling.

He cleared his throat and spoke in a higher voice.

“Shut up, they’re going to hear you”, the guard snapped.

“Does it even matter, I’m dead anyway, am I not”, Edgar said hopelessly.

He had now found a probable way out, the guard. He knew that he wasn’t old that meant he wasn’t hard enough neither to kill anyone nor to hear someone in pain and not doing anything.

“You are young”, Edgar remarked.

“None of your business”, the guard said in a lot less secure voice.

“You haven’t spent a lot of time in this “job” have you?”, Edgar continued.

This time the guard remained silent. Edgar didn’t if that was good or bad but still he continued. Talking to him about his life and every now and then he asked something to him but he always remained silent.

Then Edgar desperate already, made a last try “I believe I haven’t presented myself my name is Edgar, that’s the name of the person you are helping to get killed. Do you have the guts to do that? I know you are not going to kill me but if this continues you will only grow harder, you will despite your life and make other people’s life unbearable. I know you are better than that and that you don’t want that future. So please if you aren’t going to do anything at least tell me your name.”.

Edgar knew it was very risky to expose himself in that way but if the guard was going to free him or not that was the time. The place fell dead silent, and suddenly he heard someone yelling something Edgar couldn’t understand.

“My name is Al”, the guard quavered.

Edgar heard the sound of keys hitting the ground and then saw some keys go through the space between the door and the floor. Then he heard how Al ran towards the voice, probably following orders. Edgar stretched to reach the keys, he knew he was running out of time. Edgar struggled to reach the keys until one of his fingers touched them and he pulled them towards him. He opened the gridlocks in his feet and then he opened the door.

 There was an empty hallway but he could hear footsteps getting near. He ran as fast as he could away from the footsteps, which took him to some stairs he went up until he reached a door that lead to the rooftop. It was a two story building and below there was a busy street full of cars. There was no other way out. He saw how several men with guns go through the door. One of shot at him, he felt a terrible ache in his leg. Not thinking it twice he jumped of the rooftop falling into one of the car’s roofs. Now he felt suffocated and with all of his body hurting. The car he hit stoped and the driver came out to see what had happened. He looked up but saw only an empty rooftop. The driver took him to a hospital from where he could call his desperate mother who later came for him.

While she got there, Edgar started thinking, not angrily this time but grateful at life. And when her mother arrived she picked up a hurted but happy average teenage boy.

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