The Brightest Flame

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Through trials and tribulations shall we discover our true selves. Only then can our brightest flame ignite.

* WARNING: I am highly considering this to be a back story for one of my characters for my book, The Core, so if you're interested in reading that, then DO NOT READ THIS if you hate spoilers. If you don't mind them, however, then feel free to read it. (: *

"Mother, I'm home."

Drew steps into his small yet comfortable home after a long day of training with his new mentor, Giovanni.  Beads of sweat cover his pale forehead, causing his dark locks to stick to his skin.  His dark eyes scan over the living area until he finds the form of his mother, Eleanor, sitting on the floor in her elegant dress.  As a high ranked member of the small society run by Jeovanni, the evil Caster, she must look her best, despite the manners of the entire organization.

"Welcome home, son," she speaks in her velvety voice, tightening her hair in her high ponytail.  Her locks touch the floor behind her, cascading and gorgeous, the color of midnight.  The blue tints in it are flattered by the blue candle light in the room.  

Drew steps towards her, gives his hand to her for her to hold.  It was there way of expressing their mother-son love; neither were touchy-feely people.  

"Your brothers are still working, I'm afraid," Eleanor says, her visible flame mark glowing for a moment.  

His brothers were never home, he knew it.  She only stood up for them since they were her kids, too.  The three of them triplets, so unfortunately they were always connected, bonded.  

"I don't care," Drew says with a slight glare.  He sits down, his passive expression evident.  Even at his young age, he was already becoming a serious, ice cold boy, just like his father.  

Eleanor sighed at the thought, her sharp eyes tracing over her second born son.  His brothers seemed so opposite compared to him; teasing, more outgoing.  Drew was nothing like them.  He was withdrawn, serious, and by far a loner.  She even knew of his arrogant side.  After all, nothing could get past her.  

"Tell me about your training today."  Drew's eyes glinted light blue for a moment before he sighed -- in the same manner like his mother -- and sat up straight.  

"Mother, you know I'm not supposed to talk much about it with anyone," he replies.  "Even with you."  

"Yes...," she says quietly in an even voice.  "That's true."  She rises from her seated position and walks towards her son.  She places a soft hand upon his dark locks.  He looks up at her with a slightly surprised expression.  "But that doesn't mean I don't know how much of a prodigy you're becoming, my son."

"Mother, you must be careful with saying such things aloud."  His barely developed flame markings glow upon his arms and hands as he reaches up to meet her hand and remove it from his head.  "You know what kind of situation I'm in."

"Ah, yes..."  She sits beside him and places a hand to his cheek.  This time, he does not remove her touch.  He looks at her patiently; deep down, he enjoys his mother's loving touch, and he will always cherish it.  "I know that everyone believed that you were to become the Nexus -- the Core -- despite your lineage... but it is found that it is not you who's fate it is to become the Nexus."

Drew clenches his teeth before looking away.  It was always his belief -- and everyone elses -- that he would be the Nexus, the one to reshape the balance between the spirit realm and the world of the living.  But the elders proved him wrong, and now he is only a prodigy.  

He hated this person who took the role from him; he wasn't afraid to express that.  

"I know you're upset, my son," Eleanor says in a soft voice, "but you can still be a leader.  I know you can.  Through all your work, the trials and tribulations, your flame has been the one to shine the brightest.  That much I know and cherish."  

"But I have failed you, Mother," he replies with a bite in his tone.  Despite the glare she sees, she knows it's not directed towards her.  "If Father hadn't have come from this side, I could've brought honor to our broken family."

Eleanor coughs, interrupting the conversation unintentionally; in her hand, speckles of blood dazzle her pale skin.  She grows weak in the chair and begins to lean to the side.

"Mother."  Drew catches his mother in his strong, young arms, keeping her upright as she coughs haggedly.  He frowns mournfully and angrily, hating how his mother suffers through her sickness.  Her free hand holds onto his shirt as she continues to fight through the pain.  

Deep down, he knows that her time is coming to an end.  The elders have prophesied it, plus, it was easy to see.  Her form had weakened and thinned.  There was not much of her left.  

She continues to cough in his arms.  This is, by far, the worse fit she's had.  The sound reeks of death.  

"Mother."  She manages to pause for a moment to look into his dark eyes.

"My dear son...," she says, pausing to cough again.  "You are wonderful to me.  You are handsome... and strong like your father...  Don't ever think you're... anything less than powerful, my son."

"Why are you saying such things, Mother?" he asks her in his usual serious tone.  She lets out one last, ragged cough before slumping into his grip and shutting her eyes.  For a second, she says nothing.  Then, opening her eyes, she looks up to him again.

"Take me to my room, Drew...," she whispers.  "I'm dreadfully tired."

X X X X 

It was the final evening he spent with his Mother, the only parent he had left.  He attended her small, private funeral, and disappeared for months.  He visited her grave occasionally, hating the strong scent of the flowers and replacing it with the steady flickering of blue flames.  It would be what she wanted.  He might as well provide her with the fire she believed burned the brightest.  It was then that the hatred and spite grew in his hollow heart; the organization and the Nexus will know his pain, his anger.  He belonged to neither side but to his own.  This he would enforce for the rest of his days.

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