The Final Mission

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You knew joining the Survey Corps was dangerous, risky, but you chose regardless to salute to the Wings of Freedom.

Submitted: June 22, 2014

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Submitted: June 22, 2014



The mission wasn't supposed to happen like this.

"Gah-haahh!"  Chomp.

We were only supposed to make a new path out of the walls.

"H-Help me!  Help me!"  Snap.

No one... no one was supposed to die.

"Captain!  Captain, help m--"  Ker-snap.

What should I do?  

"Oi, Cadet (l/n)," Captain Levi calls out to your frozen form.  Your hands are clutched on the triggers of the 3D Maneuver Gear, shaking violently; the rest of your body doesn't move a muscle.  "You're of no use to the Survey Corps if you're just going to stand there."

You look down to the five foot-two black haired Captain as he clutches onto his 3D MG as well.  You blink, taking in his words.  

"I'm sorry, sir," you say, avoiding his hard glare.  

"You don't have to apologize.  Get out there and--"


The both of you leap off of the abandoned building's roof (which was oddly built in the middle of no where) and onto a tree branch.  The Titan's face is turned into a cruel smile as it removes its rather large hand from where it tried to swat the both of you like flies.  

"Tch.  Guess I've got no choice."  Levi aims his Gear and sighs.  "All of them have such weird faces."  Your (e/c) orbs follow his quickly moving form as he shoots one of the hooks into the tall wall and the other into the back of the Titan's neck.  He swoops in, performing multiple 360s until he comes into contact with the nape of the neck.  He slashes a chunk of flesh off and lands on a section of roof that's still standing.  

The Titan falls onto the roof with a loud thud.  Levi cleans off his blades with a disgusted look on his face.  You couldn't blame him, though, since he's a clean freak, after all.

The whiz of someone's 3D Gear signals you that someone else has decided to take perch with you up on the limb.  You turn and quickly brush your (h/c) locks away from your eyes.  It's Mikasa, who's looking as fierce and merciless as ever.  

"Mikasa," you say, "how is everything on the West side?"

"It's no good," she replies, glaring at a Titan who's gotten a hold of another Cadet.  "The only thing that's keeping me going is that Eren's okay."  

"Where is Eren?" you ask, curious.  She gestures with her head to the right.

"He's safe.  Jean and Armin are with him."

Another sound of someone's 3D Gear comes into notice.  Landing right beside you is Jean.  

"I thought you were supposed to be with Eren!" Mikasa says, her voice threatening to pitch into a yell.  Jean gives an apologetic look.

"I'm sorry, but Armin sent me here to get you."  Jean's dark eyes look over to you.  "(f/n), are you okay?" he asks.  You blush lightly and manage a nod.  

"That's good," he says, managing a relieved smile.  His expression changes quickly again.  "Now, Mikasa, come with me."

The two of them launch off into the East side of the area, leaving you alone on the tree branch.  You shoot your Gear onto the highest point of the abandoned building and catching your breath.  The rush of adrenaline pumping through you was too much.

I guess I need to try and kill some more Titans.  Even though.. I'm not really good at it, and I'm scared as heck...  

You shake your head violently.  

No!  I've got to do this, no matter what I'm feeling!  Because I promised my brother that I would.

"(f/n)!" someone's voice yells out to you, but you barely notice.  The only thing you feel is the horribly strong grip around your torso and the meaty fingers of a Titan.  Your (e/c) eyes blink quickly before the realization settles in.  

You only saw the Titan.  Everything else faded as you began imagining your fate in the belly of the Titan, but not before going through the excruciating pain of being bitten in half or getting your back broken or who knows what else.

Your eyes water and suddenly you hear this horribly high pitched scream coming from somewhere.  You look around and don't notice anyone only to figure out that the sound was coming from your own throat.  

"N-No...," you say, your voice sputtering like a child's.  "P-Please, no!"

You bang your fists on the stout skin of the horrid Titan, knowing it's not doing any good.  Suddenly your scholarly side returns and you suddenly begin classifying the very predator holding you in its grasp.

Titan.  Eight meters.  Puffy face, smiling, thin body.  Killed three Cadets of the Survey Corps.  No... make that four.

Before you know it, you're classifying yourself.

(f/n) (l/n).  (age).  (height).  (h/c), (e/c).  Trained for three years to join the Survey Corps this year.  Teamed with Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Christa, Ymir...

Your (e/c) eyes are spilling over with hot tears and your lips are so busy allowing your scream to come through that your classification process is put on momentary halt.  The Titan crushes your rib cage, causing a mouthful of blood to come spurting out.  You continue your process in your head.

Grew fond of Jean Kirstein during the Training.  Wanted to confess to him this year after joining the Survey Corps.  Knew he has -- maybe used to have, I'm not sure -- a crush on Mikasa Ackerman.  He had admired her black hair.  

The Titan's mouth began to open, but your eyes are already fading.  Everything is turning dark around the edges; your heart is struggling immensely to beat.  

Denied Eren's confession a year ago, yet chose to remain great friends with him.  It ended very well; we were still great friends.

The Titan was placing you into its mouth now.  You can see the back of its throat.  You manage to pull a sad smile on your face.

Wanted to marry, become Mrs. (f/n) Kirstein.  Have two kids.  Grow old, become a veteran Survey Corps member.  Die a few months after my husband.  Leave a nice home for my children and their children and their children.

And finally...


Your mind let go of the world of the living, even as you heard the shout of the one you grew to love.  You gave a final, weak salute as you picture the Wings of Freedom ahead, your own Wings of Freedom, that would lead you to your deceased brother.

Died by the hands of a Titan.


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