A Secret Home

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy
A Secret Home by R J Dent is a short story about two brothers who build a secret cliff-top home, where they enjoy life with their girlfriends.

Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016



A Secret Home

by R J Dent



There was no road.

I was in my white Ford GT6 with Concetta. Vaughn was in his mustard Lamborghini with Angela. We were brothers. They were sisters. They were our girlfriends. We were racing across the desert, along a canyon, heading for a huge natural wall of rock.

If anyone had been watching us, it would have looked as though we were going to crash into the base of the canyon wall. But no one was watching us. I'd chosen the site of our secret home very carefully.

With only a few metres to go before impact, I pressed the remote control unit and the solid stone wall began to part. The huge door to our secret home was opening to let us back in. Summer had called us away for three months. Now we were back. The wide tunnel was now fully revealed and we raced through it, bursting out of the other side into the sunshine. We swerved to the left and screeched to a halt. I pressed the remote again and the doors rumbled shut behind us. We were safe.

No one else in the whole world knew of our secret home. I'd built it in secret and now the four of us lived there.

I switched the car engine off and got out. Concetta got out and stretched. She looked beautiful. I opened the boot and carried our bags into the huge house I'd carved out of the solid rock. It had taken me a year.

I'd found a small cave while I was out on a walk one day. I'd blasted and drilled ten rooms out of the cave – a kitchen; two bathrooms; a huge living room; three bedrooms – the spare was in case we ever had guests there, which wasn't likely; a games room, complete with pool; and a TV and music room.

I went into mine and Concetta's bedroom, dumping the bags onto our round bed. I'd sort them out later. In the kitchen, I opened two bottles of wine and left them to stand for a while.

Vaughn and Angela staggered in with their luggage and I pointed to the drinks.

"Wine. When you're ready."

"What's the occasion?" Angela asked.

"We're back in our secret home after three months," Vaughn said. "That's a good reason to celebrate, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is," Angela agreed.

"I want to sit on the ledge and watch the sun go down," I said.

"I've still got half a hamper of that food we started this morning left," Vaughn said. "Let's have a picnic outside."

I nodded.

"Good idea."

"Concetta!" Angela called. "We're going to have a picnic!"

"Okay! Great!" Concetta called back. "I'll help get it ready. What needs doing?"

I pulled a red and white check picnic cloth out of the airing cupboard and carried it outside.

"Your job, beautiful girl, is to help me spread the picnic cloth."

"That's easy," Concetta said.

"Everything's easy," I said, as I unfolded the cloth and held two of the corners. Concetta grabbed the other two corners and we kissed, and then spread the cloth out right at the edge of the garden. The garden was a semi-circular outcropping of turf-covered rock. Where it ended was a sheer drop of over two kilometres straight down to the valley. In the distance were the mountains. They were purple in the twilight at that moment.

I got the hamper out of Vaughn's car and then sat down. Concetta and I set out plates and cutlery, and then placed the various dishes of food on the cloth.

"What do we need?" Vaughn called from the kitchen.

"Just the wine and some glasses," Concetta answered.

Vaughn and Angela came out with the drinks and we sat on the turf and watched the sunset make the mountains change colour. They changed from purple to red to pink to orange. And that was just the start. Later the stars would come out and we'd light the Chinese lanterns and put some good music on.

The four of us had a very beautiful and peaceful life there. That was why we stayed there so much. We only ever left the place during the summer, always coming back when summer was over. It was only in our secret home that we were safe to do everything we wanted.

The four of us began to eat the delicious food and drink our wine. Concetta kissed me again, and then snuggled up close. I could smell the scent in her hair. Angela and Vaughn kissed. We talked for a while of the places we'd been to during the summer. The sunset touched the snow-covered peaks of the mountains and it suddenly looked as though they were on fire.

"Isn't it beautiful here?" Concetta said quietly, staring at the golden fire.

"I wouldn't live anywhere else," Angela said.

Vaughn and I didn't say anything. We didn't need to. When we'd met the sisters, we'd all understood each other immediately. After a few dates, we took them to our secret home. They'd both asked to move in a few days later. Vaughn and I had discussed it and – after getting them to swear never to tell anyone about where we lived – we'd agreed. We'd all been very happy ever since.

I stretched out on the soft turf. Concetta rested her head on my chest.

"It's nine! Bedtime! Put those things away!" our mother said.

Vaughn and I exchanged a resigned glance and sighed. Just as it had started to get interesting. Still, we'd carry on with the picnic – and with the sunset – tomorrow.

I pushed my hands between the cushions on the back of the settee and picked up my white Ford GT6. Vaughn retrieved his Lamborghini.

"Don't take them upstairs with you," our mother said. "Put them away properly."

We put the cars in the box we kept our favourite cars in, and then went up to get ready for bed.

I knew my brother well enough to know that, like me, he was longing to return to our secret home.




A Secret Home

Copyright © R J Dent (2016)


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