The Upholsterer

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A life long loser with the innocence of a small child suddenly snaps, taking out anyone who hurts him.

Submitted: December 22, 2014

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Submitted: December 22, 2014



R M Cassel


The Upholsterer

At the beginning of time, there was harmony. Until, sin came into the picture. Adam and Eve had one job, “don’t eat the apple” and they screwed that up. When they were sealed out of the Garden of Eden the garden didn’t disappear, it stayed in the spot with the same apple tree. This golden apple tree with the ability to steal innocence.

Over time, the continental plates shifted and the garden was buried. But, that apple tree kept growing. This is where modern archaeology picks up. Since the first apples were found in Kazakhstan one can only assume that this is where the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil ended up. The only plant left from the Garden of Eden and it survived all this time. Those apples were cultivated, mass produced, and shipped around the world. Since most men are predisposed to sin it had no effect on them, except for Guillermo Ochalek.

Guillermo Ochalek was born July 7, 1987 in Stuart, Florida. He was a pretty average boy, with one exception, Guillermo was innocent. Guillermo kept his childhood innocence into his adulthood. He was kind, respectful, and shy; this however contributed to being both a loser and a doormat. People walked all over him, and he didn’t mind. He had no ambition, which is why he never pursued a higher education. He had no drive or passion, but enjoyed making furniture. After graduating high school he started working for a small upholstery business, where he excelled at making leather slipcovers.

Guillermo was an anomaly when compared to his peers. He was unambitious, unmotivated, but happy. His siblings and friends surpassed him in every way. Wesley himself graduated middle of his class in high school, and didn’t go to college. There he was a 20 year old upholsterer who didn’t want to progress in life. But all that would change when he packed a very special apple in his lunch.

This apple, was endowed with special powers at the beginning of time. This apple gives the person who eats it three things; ambition, motivation, and the ability to sin. Guillermo was planning to eat it after his last appointment today, so he sliced it up and put it in a sandwich.So, after packing his very special lunch Guillermo went to work at his dead-end job. He had three appointments today; one in Jupiter, one in Hobe Sound, and one in Palm City. Two full repairs, and one inspection so he got into his bright yellow repair truck, and headed to Jupiter.

When he pulled up to the house he saw a diminutive man in a polo with wire rimmed glasses. Wesley walked up to him with a glazed over look in his eye. “Hello, I’m Guillermo Ochalek, I’m from Sunshine Upholsterers, what services do you require today?” Said Wesley reciting the speech he worked tirelessly to remember. “Hello” said the small man wearing wire-rimmed and green polo. “Uhmm, well my couch is crap.” “Ok sir, can you be more specific?” said Wesley. “No” said the diminutive man, “I don’t know how couches work, that supposed to be your job dumbass.” “Ok then sir, show me where the couch is” said Guillermo. The bony looking man led Guillermo to his living room, and showed Guillermo the gaudiest lime-green couch with hot pink stripes that had a tear down the middle of the lining.

After a quick inspection Guillermo determined that the tear was the only thing wrong with it. “Well” said Guillermo. “The only thing wrong with the couch is the tear in the lining.” “Can you fix it?” said the puny man. “Yes, let me just get some supplies from the truck” said Guillermo heading out the door. When he returned he quickly stitched up the tear, and when he asked the man for his compensation he replied. “No” said the tiny man. “Since the job was pretty minor, and I could have done it myself, I decided that paying you wouldn’t be worth it.” “But, you’re supposed to pay when you call a guy to fix something.” Said Guillermo. “Well I’m not gonna pay, and would kindly ask you to leave.” Said the diminutive man.

Guillermo left without a single word, and went to his next appointment. This time it was a large black man who introduced himself as Lanelle Hudson. Lanelle took him inside to show him a twenty year-old dark green recliner. The back baseboard was missing and the chair could no longer support itself. Guillermo explained how he needed to take the chair into the shop to replace the backboard. However, things got scary. “This is my chair, and you can’t have it.” Said Lanelle. “If you try to take than you’re a thief, and I know what to do with thieves.” Guillermo quickly got out of the house, and went to his next appointment.

Guillermo was having the worst day of his life, but he didn’t show it. He was as chipper as could be, as he drove to his next appointment, a Chinese restaurant. Guillermo rolled into the Golden Bowl parking lot and saw that someone was waiting for him. The man introduced himself as Ping Zhou, the owner, and explained the job he had for Guillermo. “I want the three booths in the restaurant reupholstered, only in leather.” Said Ping. “Can you do that by the end of the day?” “I think so?” said Guillermo. Guillermo quickly got to work, and around noon he got hungry and ate his sandwich.

Now, just a quick side note, Adam and Eve only had one bite of the fruit and that was enough to ruin everything. Guillermo ate the whole apple, and went apeshit. All these new thoughts rushed into his brain: ambition, anger, and paranoia. Guillermo zoned out for a bit, but was brought back into coherency by no other than Ping Zhou. “You white lazy jag, you think you can just zone out while you are on the clock?!” said Ping. “Get back to work.” This was the wrong time to yell at Guillermo, he explained how he had to go get something for his truck and get something from his truck. Guillermo made sure no one else was in the restaurant when he went to go grab his staple gun from the truck. He walked back into the Golden Bowl, and took care of Mr. Ping.

Quickly, Guillermo freaked out, he had a dead Asian man lying in front of him and he was responsible. He wasn’t thinking when it happened, quickly he justified his actions. He felt threatened, so he retaliated. Guillermo had to forces fighting loudly in his mind; one was telling him to own up to his decision, but the other told him to do something so unspeakably horrific that if he got caught he could be put to death. Guillermo was siding for the owning up to his deed, but that voice was quickly silenced and the bad voice told him exactly what to do.

Guillermo had now committed to the bad voice, and paid a visit to the diminutive man from earlier appointment, and Lanelle Hudson. Guillermo quickly overpowered the diminutive man, and soon the diminutive man’s body was lying next to Ping. Guillermo drove to Lanelle Hudson’s house, a brief fight ensued, but Guillermo knocked him out with the missing piece from Lanelle’s recliner and did the deed.

As Guillermo drove down the highway, with the three bodies in the back of his van, the good voice came back. It pleaded with him telling Guillermo to turn himself in, but Guillermo ignored him and asked the bad voice what to do with the bodies. And, what the bad voice said was atrocious, but Guillermo did it.

Months down the road, Guillermo had changed. He owned his own upholstery shop that specialized in leather cushions. He also bought the Golden Bowl, and finally finished the leather chairs. But, this wasn’t ordinary leather and people always asked him what hide it was, but Guillermo never told saying it was “secret”. To this day if you visit the Golden Bowl you’ll notice the three chairs that people inquire about: one pale white leather cushion, one black couch cushion, and one yellowish cushion.

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