//The Scary Village//

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its scary and adventure story full of interesting....

Submitted: November 14, 2013

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Submitted: November 14, 2013



Dusk was entering and the light had been getting ready to take rest. The city Sidney’s astronomy announced that a “Meteorite” would fell that night around Australian continent. The people were anticipated to see the action. The Aborigines who were the tribal of Australia and the people of Tasmania didn’t know about these things. Though they were wise in their occupation they wouldn’t consider any things which were not relevant to their occupations.

Wild animals were familiar to them, both beings were no danger each other. Those people were slightly developing their culture following days. Ghost Town was most backward village in Tasmania and they had been developing their residence as moulded house from hut. But their culture hadn’t change so far. Their lock looked like curls and pale brown in colour of skin but hard workers. On the day early dark, they could see a sun rose again. They came away and saw a giant light at the night. It made them astonish scene when it was reaching near to the village, it blasted into many pieces and few pieces fall as ash. A huge piece had fallen and there they saw a giant sun in the land during a night too. They couldn’t go close there because of high temperature. They were not sleeping even a night because of the heat “Meteorite” exhibited as a daytime. Though it was night the light made the village and circulated area as day for few days later it was reduced. People forgot these things and they were started doing their works.

The nature landscape distorted as a great valley and waterfall within the dell. The hollow contained many caves. After trim downed the hot temperature in the “Meteorite” there the amazing beings were grown up. It was entirely differ from normal earthily beings. It had grey appearance covered with fur, its ears like owl and sparkling eyes. When these creatures entered on the earth through the Meteorite it couldn’t see anything in light. It had a bright visual power only in the dusk period; even night itself it couldn’t see anything clearly but rather gloomy. Its eyes were bloodily color but at the dark time it’s eyes were golden yellow and it sparkled like burning flames.

These beings hands were like giant bat’s wing as spreader and those legs were shorter than its hands and it had a tail like Bandicoot and it was huge. As a flying creation these beings started flying after a score days later. People of the “Ghost Town” saw the amazing scenery of flying strange being on their village at the dusk time. When the people forgot themselves and admiring the beauty, they didn’t know about the upcoming danger. It had a flat and broad nose so it could smell whatever below it while flying. During people enjoying, it came down and kidnap a dog for its dinner. The delight period transferred as scary one, so they called the beings as “Demon”. When it winged towards the sky it exposed heat smoke without fire from its back side of the body. As the first Demon ate the dog and others smelt it and searched for it. During the night time it couldn’t find anything clearly and it smelt a dog’s reek on a human body his name Doxin who came away to see his dog barked towards Demon and it came down for eat the dog but it was not able to see any vision clearly so, it felt the smell of a dog there, then the Demon caught him instead of dog and ate him as cruelly fought among other Demons and made him as many pieces for shared others. The Demons didn’t waste a single drop of blood from his body. As unsatisfied dinner roam for more dinner around the village. People scared even came away from their home. They couldn’t take any decision for the Demon’s terminate. The strange beings became the hunters of human being from the dog’s hunt. Later it became a human hunter. When the people hide inside their home it took on their cattle and made them suffered a lot. They afraid to came away because of the danger which came after the “Meteorite” even a day time. The next morning people heard a scream of a lady Ronalisa Teodosio. People were howling and they were joined together for praying their god of animals, nature and the landscape. The old lady Ronalisa was most respectable lady among the people. When she saw her cattle shed burnt and some cattle had been taken by the Demon, she cried that we should eradicate the predators which had destroyed many beings at the village.

The village people took their weapons and searching the Demon to kill all. They chose a wrong direction and they failed to find it. When they returned back they felt a sad that they left a boy of sixteen years named Rey Teodosio the chief lady’s grandson. A few guys went back for searching him and it’s became too late and the whole night the people were waiting for them but that dusk day was so lucky, the angry people didn’t see any Demon on the day because those beings were gone to next village for the same process as Ghost Town. When the guys reached the deep forest where they lost the boy and they were keep searching him. But the boy had hidden on a tree. They couldn’t find him at the night and they took rest on there, few guys felt some strange stringy smell at there, it made them suspect that Demons might be in the forest. The deep forest fully dehydrated and rarely found trees. But there were mostly prickly pears and babul trees. Next day morning the boy Rey on the babul tree and he found no one being on the tree because of splitting over heat. The most poisonous tree never allowed any one near the tree. When the surrounding wild animals found him on the tree uttered through him and betrayed. The guys went near to the tree and the boy Rey fall down from the unconsciously, and people caught him safely and gave water to him and they found the tree also dangerous for the beings hence no one being hesitate go near the tree even the birds and land waters had dried.

Now the people had to destroyed couple of things the Demons and Babul trees. There the Ray could find some evidence of the Demon’s visit on the tree and it took rest because its smell and hair of its still roaming there. They took the boy Rey to their village, its took too late and the dusk time entered there on the time a group of lioness chased a wild beast, the same time demons started its duty to eat beings from the village and it had enlarged count and now its became smokeless fly. The gangs had come towards the village and the Demons also entered there, when those Demons saw the cruel hunt from the wild animals, its scared and turned off. The Rey found an idea to chase the terror fly. When they reached safely to their village, his grandmother Ronalisa hugged him and shed tears. Every tear had forced to revenge the strange creatures. When they were dipped on deep sleep the Demon came to the village and broke a door on a home and picked an infant for its dinner and the mother of the baby chased back with a knife to kill the devilish fly, another Demon lifted the angry mother and she poked it with her knife as a result of killed the cruel fly, she got half satisfied because she couldn’t save her child’s life. She would like to change herself as an angry bird that she became a weapon to destroy all the danger flies. When the demon was killed by the angry mother, there a Jaguar came for hunt the cattle and its scared when Demon died had fallen near the wild animal. The other flies found Jaguar near the Demon; the cruel flies thought the jaguar had killed their team members. The scared Demons left the death fly and went to their caves and its dislike the smell of the wild animals. The next morning people saw the scene of the Jaguar was eating the demon. Though the Demon was cannibal, the jaguar ate it well. Then people fed some animals and kept that with themself for their safe and they took more wild animals to prevent from the danger. The Demons reduced its visit to the village because the wild being were being there for secure the people.

The suffering period of the people on there, an Indian film director Abineesh Yadhav and team found a strange valley for their film shooting and took a helicopter and visited there. They saw the location and lost their conscious on their and amazed. The pleasant location didn’t let them go from there. The director wanted to see the water fall insides the valley. While helicopter was getting down to see some sparkled eyes inside the cave, they went even closer to the cave and the demons were scared off the strong wind from the helicopter’s fan. One of the persons from the troop, an Assistant Director of Abineesh entered to see the amazing beings inside its cave, they didn’t know about its danger. The Pilot had on the switch of the huge light from the helicopter toward the cave, the Assistant Director slowly entered there and went near the Demons, when he tried to touch the demons a demon spitted it’s saliva on his face, the greenish jelly saliva like an acid his face become skinless, he screamed because of intolerable pain and the all Demons hunted him and shared him as many pieces for others. The hungry Demons tried hunt the all persons from the helicopter. The team saw terrific scenery, Abineesh and team scared and the Demons tried to pick the helicopter but the pilot consciously took off the helicopter and the predator flies few fall into the valley and died when they tried to catch them. The Abineesh Yadhav and team escaped from there and they reached near to the village and landed there. When the Demons followed the helicopter it saw the wild animals still there in the village Ghost town, the scared Demons return back to their caves.

The people of the ghost town called the Director’s team to show the place where the danger beings had been staying. They were getting ready for the war with the Demons. The director called the Australian army force and informed about it. The people carried all the wild animals and reached there. When the Demons saw the people, they were willing to eat them but they came with the wild animals so, it had hidden in its caves. The angry mother who had lost her baby by a Demon she came there for revenge and she started her first attack on it. She took an alcoholic bottle and tore a garment then made it as screw and fired on it then she threw towards the cave the fire was spreading there the angry Demons started its attack on the people. Then they took a bow and the arrows fully poisoned and attacked towards the Demons. Many demons were killed and the angry mother kept an explosive powder on her mouth with covered for wouldn’t wet and she jumped into the valley and the Ronalisa did the same and she followed her both were fired on their mouth where they kept the explosive powder on their mouth and when all demons followed them they blasted and made themselves as weapon to kill the Demons. Few demons try to escape from there; the army came there by the Director's information and they fired on the flying devils and remains demons also killed.

The people felt so happy that they would be eternally free from the trouble and they pray for the lost lady warriors who sacrificed their life for their people and they fulfil their oath against the demons and the people prayed for them as a god and thank the wild animals. The Director and team thank the people and the people to the team and the Director decided that he should not shoot his films at an unknown place. Finally the team of Ray took an axe and cut off the entire babul trees and planted some fruits and some useful trees and made their village as paradise in the earth. Though they lost many persons in that village they didn’t separate and these were power of the people. The Wild animals also helped them from the trouble and they had prayed that too as a god and fed their animals yearly twice. These people realize everything good as eradicate babul trees and the Demons and they supported natural being which was really good.  The Babul tree made trouble to the nature and the Demon to the people. They behave well manner with the wild animals and got same responds from it. Once it was Scary village and it would always be a virtuous village.


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