Some people are weeds and some are flowers, sometimes its hard to see the difference. I believe that most people are flowers and we must nourish and protect them.

My garden is well established
I know what will bloom each spring
Its hard to know how to fulfill all the space
That gets left unattended
I want so much to nourish
Each precious little leaf
To water, love and watch the blosoms
Grow strong from all my touch
I am protective of my flowers
Although I think they know that well
I'll fight the darkness to give them light
When the sun is what they need.
My eyes are not so sharp
That I can always tell the weeds
Sharp edges seem so pretty
When the green is all I see
I let their roots take hold
As I watch them patiently
Waiting for the truth be told
The need to remove from my soil.
Inside the rays of sunshine
There are other precious plants
The flowers that bloom are extrordinary
But they take the most loving care.
Representing themselves as weeds
In a garden that grows around them
They wait for there time to shine
I must protect them while they hide.
I will never remove them from my garden
No matter what anyone else could say
I know the beauty that they provide
Is simply hiding for another day
They start with wounded leaves from winter
Its hard to shed that skin
Blooming from underneath the dead
These flowers are my friends
They show me that its complicated
To want to shine so bright
But hide from any eyes that might mistake them
For competition in this fight.
They will take the left over water
After all around them have been fed
Soak up all the sunshine
When the only sky thats left is red
They give up everything to simple stay
In my garden each year
But I see the sacrifice and love
Inside the bolden blosoms
I could never mistake this perfect flower
For anything other than it is.

Submitted: March 28, 2013

© Copyright 2023 R White. All rights reserved.

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Stephie Ann Gardner

Love this! It speaks volumes. You are amazing!!!

Thu, March 28th, 2013 5:42pm


Not amazing but its means a lot to me.

Thu, March 28th, 2013 1:04pm

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