Unraveling Mysteries

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I write about a lot of things and leave meanings open. That way I can let multiple things out at once. Read it how you want.

Submitted: October 27, 2012

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Submitted: October 27, 2012



Reality, like a numbness is settling over me.

Blindly enjoyed a moment of satisfaction and bliss

only to feel as if my mind has been shut off

to accommodate the implications.

I feel as a destroyer of life, when I seek nothing more

Than hope and belief

I thought that I could satisfy the urge and desire inside me

While still maintaining some self-respect.

I mistake satisfaction for need and I become the insatiable monster.

I feel as if I could crumble to dust in the heat

Melt and self-destruct in the resonance of your love.

What really am I offering

What truly is inside my voracious soul

That makes me this person.

Someone willing to destroy the lines of safety and trust to

Quench an unsatisfied need to be loved.

A need that comes from inside all of us.

That fight for the ability to see what others see in us.

Wanting to feel the pain I am causing along with reveling in the pleasure

Tearing my chest open for you to hold my heart in your hands

Before telling you I have only half to give and it all seems


Lining my days with an exhaustion that perpetuates itself every night by the

Directionless dreams of pure terror.

I don’t always have to face these nightmares

When guilt rears its ugly head inside me, my mind destroys itself.

The closest thing I have ever had to a best friend,

The closest thing I have had to a friend that won’t go away

That will stay by my side

Even when I can’t be strong enough to provide all that I want to

What do I risk? What do I give up for my own fear and lack of action.

How can I change my indecisive and inactiveness?

Mostly how do I trust myself to make the right decision

Since that has never exactly been my strong point

I make all the wrong choices with all the best intentions

Find the vein inside my arm that will hold the answers to lifes

Unraveling mysteries.

© Copyright 2017 R White. All rights reserved.

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