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A point of view for "2012"

Submitted: March 23, 2011

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Submitted: March 23, 2011



Soldiers of lights-“2012”
I have awoken, nothing has been observed, nothing palpitates as usual.
I try to run through the tunnel of light, but there is no light at the end.
All light that surrounds me, penetrates on me, follows me, stops me, and continues on and above me.
I try to touch it, but there is no light, no light to follow, and I think I have my eyes closed.
There is no tunnel, there is no light.
I have awoken in this dream.
Nothing moves, it is only a penetrating sound that repeats and repeats.
I look around.
What do I see?
But I have my eyes closed. How can I see?
I hear lonely drops of tiny voices that develop into cannons, and then into trumpets, like announcing the end…the end, the end of what?
Trumpets announcing the end.
Listen, can you hear them? Listen carefully.
It’s a new war.
Obscure hearts move through the beat of technology.
A new era that starts and ends at the sound of trumpets, at the sounds of bombs.
It feels like little soldiers moving in perfect alignments under a dark night. Like soldiers moving toward me, carrying me, pointing at me.
There is no mercy in their thoughts.
There are no culminating thoughts in their minds.
Soldiers like shadows that grow wings at the end of a life time.
Soldiers of lights that go pass your soul. Faceless soldiers that grasp your human form. Soldiers like shadows that from remote lands have arrived on our faithless planet, on our greedy planet.
Soldiers of light, with silver hearts, that in an instant can paralyze your old thoughts and give you new and revived thoughts.
They are here, penetrating and removing your old thoughts, removing the efforts of a society corrupting our brains.
They are here to take us into their trilingual on screen programming of reason, sensibility and the reality of words.
Words that can not convince a pale and old fainted heart.
Words that might surprise the weak of open minded humans.
Words that….wait…words, simple words of kindness that don’t end.
It is a new era, we all have awoken again.
Look at the horizon, far so far away our old earthly world of old thoughts has disappeared.
Look at the sky, there is no single sun or moon; there is a galaxy of reason surrounding us.
Look at how sensible we have become using words of reality.
Look at how far we have walked through oceans of calm waters.
And now, look at yourself and tell yourself, that you are ok in a world free of worries, free of old thoughts, and the world will look at you, and will announce, not with trumpets or bombs, technology or rhythms …that you have become you, and that we all, that we all…have developed into one of those soldiers of light, soldiers like shadows that have grown wings at the end of a wonderful life time.

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