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Sorry if you were disturbed by the lack of chapters being released,The writer has been procrastinatin (HARD)

Submitted: December 27, 2015

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Submitted: December 27, 2015





Chapter 1:The darkness
As the strange stench reached Sam's nose,He slowly reached contiousness.
He started exploring the room with his eyes,Checking where he was.
As he tried standing up he felt a hellish pain,He screamed for help
He heard a loud''FOR F*CKS SAKE,SHUT UP''
The strange voiced shouted''Coming''
Three minutes later Sam encountered a wildly attractive 16 year old boy wearing a torn Skyrim T-Shirt covered in something that resembles a mixture of blood and mud.
Sam said''Oh my gawd thanks for picking me up''
The stranger asked him what the hell is wrong with him
Sam answered stressed''My legs hurt like sh*t and i cant stand up''
As the stranger picked Sam up and carried him for a while,Sam asked for his name
He calmly responded''Domagoj''
As they tried walking through a weird concrete structure that strangely resembled a maze.
As they kept walking through these weird hallways the strange stench got stronger
They found a weird smoke.
Sam asked Domagoj''What the hell is that smell''
Domagoj calmly answered''Smells strange''
As they kept coming closer to the source of the smell they found a man
Around 19 years old,Smoking a strange cigarette.
Domagoj and Sam asked the man what his name was
The man answered mildly stressed;''My name is Ray''
Domagoj and Sam were extremely tired,Domagoj asked the tiny group to call it a night
Sam and ray agreed,as Sam pulled off his backpack and the group layed their head on it,Domagoj asked Sam''What the f*ck is in your backpack?''
As the group layed their heads and were looking up at the grey,Concrete ceiling Sam asked''What are we going to do tommorow?''
Sam said''Good something my comrades''
Chapter 2:What the fuck...
As our 'Heroes' woke up from something that resembled a good night of sleep to be shouted at by three men wearing  teared police uniforms
Their tags said:
Laci Dobri 
Brian Nansink
Sebastian Johnson
They looked up at them,Blinded.
No one knew how to respond,Three strange men.Both of them were armed,They used the .45ACP M1911 Colt and police flashlights
The lights in the strange complex turned on,Confusion struck.Sam asked the men kindly to settle down''
Why are you guys even f*cking armed?!''Said Sam closely to losing his cool
As the two men explained what this complex is Domagoj was struck with anger,And happines
The anger was that ''The operation''Is  an experiment made to check what this complex does to the confused souls that enter this place
His happiness was knowing what is happening
As the small crowd walked through the strange complex they had found something strange
A small flight of stairs and a sign that said
It was written in a weird taint of crimson red
But as Domagoj inspected the sign he let out a tiny shreak
He went back to the ''Homeplate'' Whiter than the paper in this book
Pale as hell he ran and ran
''Homeplate'' was close,Yet so far
As he reached it he sat down and burst in tears
Everyone was asking what the hell happened
Until he went silent,The tiny group had a new member
Domagoj asked paranoid ''Who the hell is that''
Laci calmly answered with a sweet smile ''This cute girl is Iris''
Sam told Domagoj that the girl had a strange and unusual manner of speaking
He said to Domagoj''She is way too fucking sweet,Always laughing.Mildly flirting with the policeman.Looking in her eyes you can see that her soul is empty''
Domagoj was shivering,From the cold and the fact that his T-Shirt was covered in a strange liquid....

Chapter 3:IT GETS WEIRD...

(This chapter will be written in th perspective of our beloved 'Heroe' Domagoj



As i woke up,I saw the group prepping to go.
I was still pale as F*CK and my Skyrim T-Shirt looked disgusting.
As we walked through this complex that could only be described as ''The maze''We walked to the sign
As we walked up Sam noticed that there was some kind of strange muck on the ground
Sam asked me ''Where you here before?''
I simply said no
But as we continued we could spot some speakers here and there
And as we got closer to the centre of this complex we noticed Ray acting strange
i whispered to laci ''What is up with Ray,And where the f*ck is Iris?''
Laci simply answered;''She attacked me so i shot her,She's probably dead''
 He was OK with the events that were currently unfolding.
As we heard a strange noise we spotted a strange jail cell
Nest to piles and piles of paper we spotted some kind of being,Not human but not extra-terrestrial
Laci pointed his .45 ACP at the being too,He asked 'it ' ''What is your name?''
She responded ''Evelyn''
As she swiftly kept writing the sounds of her homemade pencil got interrupted by a horryfying scream
I asked:''Who the f*ck was that?'
Brian mumbled ''Ray'' Before sprinting away 
He told us to stay here,We did
The horrifying screams still didn't stop
Until there was blood on the wall,Coming from a blind spot

''Oh god no''

Chapter 4

It's been a while since we actually saw brian,it was silent for a while until Sam said ''Anybody want some deliciousness?''
He opened his backpack looking through some old school books until he discovered some unbranded cans,He opened one of them and shouted out loud <a href="http://www.ltcmine.comxa.com">Meshed perderders</a>
After running to the starved group with his backpack on his breast he sai calmly''People,i have food''
After the tiny crowd started celebrating Sam said,I have mashed potatoes and some other things.
After opening up the unbranded cans and splitting the food Dom picked up the cans and said:''Look at my cans,They look better then Evelyns''
The whole group started laughing while Domagoj was holding two cans against his breast acting like they were breasts to make the group laugh,They had no clue
what was about to happen to them.They heard a deavening sound over the bad speakers,it was Brains voice.A moment of silence struck,After 2minutes passed when Laci decided to check it out

After a couple minutes Laci noticed a peculiar smell,As a policeman he has already smelled rotting corpses but this was way stronger.
He found the source of the smell and it was a strange control room resembling place,And they found a lot of pictures with red x'es over them,The only pictures that werent crossed were ours. 





Chapter 5


As Sam woke up hearing nothing but gunshots and men screaming, A strange man noticed that Sam was ''Waking up''.

The voice was reliable, Very familiar. As Sam asked who the voice was he calmly replied:''Domagoj, we have been in this shithole together for two years. We promised that we would stay together through all of this, And we will because you are in the infirmary''. As a very handsome nurse told Domagoj that Sam needed rest he simply responded: ''Ok, i'll visit you tommorow bro, I don't plan on dying today''.

As Sam looked at the nurse she also looked very familiar,He asked him what her name was. She said: ''Evelyn, i have been working for the 'Federation' for ages, And i don't plan leaving the 'Federation' for a while. I am supposed to be loyal, i promised the ' federation' to stay here. Until death does us apart.''

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