Hate Youh(lil' rap)

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Submitted: August 18, 2011

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Submitted: August 18, 2011



i hope they treat you like the s*** you made me eat


or like the peice of trash you threw to the concrete

Seems like everytime i showed you love i got beat

now get off the drivers side, b**** its my seat

ima tie you to the bed and set the house on fire...hope you can take the heat

its my turn tu beat you like a peice of meat

you in my presents ticks me so you better flea

might as well open up...u finna taste gasoline

trust me i wont say anything right that now i dont mean

i heard there was no "i" in "team"

just saftey before teamwork,so ima put my gloves on

or burry you in my front lawn

all i knoe is when i come back you better hope your long gone

you asked me if i could forgive you or if we could work things out...%*$#@ How Bout None Of The Above!

you hurt me in ways i could never think of

now and days your someone i wouldnt dare to ever agian try to love

your surely something that was'nt sent from above

i guess you dont understand yet...this time you really messed up

you drilled my heart into the ground and threw piles of dirt on me

and a flower grew right where you threw me

you skrewed me

spit me back up and chewed me

but you'll never bring me down

om not a fan of hell

and everytime you do try its like an epic fail

its the same game just different players

b**** im on top of my game so get back on your knees

its me you hail

i dont make it rain i go hard b**** i make it hail

no ones gonna hear you when you yell

so go ahead scream and shout

in my eyes your a low down peice of s*** so stop coming back..find another route

you finall spoke the truth,you said you hated me....& you think i care?huh?!YOU FAT COW.!!

im done.all your stuff's outside, h** , get up out my house!

i finally got the guts to do this all

its funny how you thought i never had the balls

i keep my head up and i stand tall

im changing my number and ima tell you this once"(answer machine beep)"beeeeeeeeeppp' DONT CALL!"

dont take this as a joke

its not a burn...im to raw

keep playin and ima show you the first black jigsaw!


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