The Dream by Fairy

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I wanted to write this...I guess.

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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Submitted: January 27, 2012




I was so sad, sitting by the window,

Tears in my eyes, talking to my shadow.

The sky was night, the stars and moon,

Blinking so shine, it looked like noon.

The owl reposed at the distant tree,

I wanted to flee, fly carefree.

I sobbed and moaned, in pain helpless,

I could not take it more, so sad was the phase.

And I saw a Fairy star, jumping on my bed,

From window she came hopped in through, caressed on my head.

Asked me, “Why you crying lady? Why a’int you give a grin?”

I wept, my nose so red and blocked, my eyes swollen and thin.

I said ‘‘I want a friend of mine, to play with and to sing,

Who can give me love and joy, and can be my super-King!”

And she looked in wonder, being surprised and thoughtful,

And she got an idea clicked, she took out one toadstool.

She sat on it and laughed out loud, and stroke me with a wand,

I felt so sleepy, drowsy, dizzy, went to bed instant.

I found a mouse in a coat, holding a stick in hand,

A crowded fair, following him, looked so great and grand.

The mouse winked his eyes, frowned his button nose,

Licked his whiskers, eating cheese, red socks on his toes.

He tickled me, dance too did, on my tummy top,

And then he beat me with his stick, and said ‘’ am done with my job”

I woke up hurried, sat still straight, surprised on the bed,

O my god! He kicked me inside; my dreams still roam my head.

I walked to mirror, stood in front, saw my tummy womb,

Now I remember, it’s my baby, who kicked me inside and jumped.

I felt so happy, he bumped me more, and I was dreaming it’s true,

But now I know, my King is none, superman, other than You.

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